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0 Basics How to learn C language

2018-03-04 20:48:00

C language has the characteristics of high-level language, but also has the characteristics of assembly language, has always remained at the top of the programming language, has never been surpassed, so excellent programming linguistics many people, very few. How to learn from zero foundation?


C language


First of all, prepare a PC, learn programming generally does not have too big requirements for the PC, the general mainstream configuration is good. 【 Computer 】


After you have a computer, you have to consider what operating system to install, the mainstream operating system is windows, but it is not recommended to learn C programming to use windows, it is recommended to use Linux. So learners are better off installing dual systems or getting used to Linux altogether. 【 Operating System 】


Not to learn any programming language, I suggest that learners must have a comprehensive knowledge of the language of the book, the university generally used is Tan Haoqiang's "C language programming", I suggest that learners can go to carefully read. 【 Book 】


In the usual study and reading, there must be the habit of learning to take notes, and not only to record, but also to often look at their own notes, so that there will be better learning efficiency. 【 Note 】


Visit technical forums or technical question and answer communities, want to share their code with others, have to actively read other people's code, and complement each other's strengths. 【 Share code Read others code 】


After learning the basic C language, you can deeply learn the data structure, and try to do some simple projects, such as student management system, library management system, bank management system, etc. 【 Project 】


After mastering the language function to a certain extent, it is time to consider the direction, it is recommended to develop in the direction of embedded programming, which is necessary for you to learn some hardware things. Embedded products in aviation, medical, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, mobile and other fields can be seen, the application field is extremely wide, so now embedded development is quite popular, and has a very good development prospects! 【 Embedded 】

Matters needing attention

The curve of learning C language is quite large, the future is also quite good, I hope learners can stick to it.