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10 Golden retriever training tips

2018-03-22 00:00:59

Golden Retriever, is a balanced, powerful, lively dog breed, stable, all parts of the body match reasonable, legs are not too long and not clumsy, friendly expression, personality warm, alert, confident. Because it is a hunting dog, it can show its essential characteristics in a difficult working environment. His general appearance, balance, gait and purpose of the breed should be given more attention than any individual body part. Defect: Any deviation from the ideal description of the breed can be considered a defect, and the severity of the defect is determined by the degree to which it contradicts the purpose of the breed or contradicts the characteristics of the breed.

Ten essentials

First of all, we want to make the golden retriever clear and clear password because the golden retriever is very sensitive, so in order to let the golden retriever understand and remember, it is best to use short, clearly pronounced sentences during training, and should not be said repeatedly. Also, when giving orders, avoid loud or angry tones. At the same time, the same password for different temperament golden retriever to use different tone. For example, the same is "squat", the neurotic golden retriever to gently or hearty command it, the lively golden retriever is loudly and emphatically command it, the breeder has to choose different ways according to their golden retriever's personality.


Like any animal, the golden retriever has a very strong warning heart, and the method of corporal punishment to force the golden retriever to obey is the most important. From the Golden retriever's point of view, being beaten or kicked for an unknown reason can only create the impression of "being abused." If the owner is very powerful, the golden retriever may obey out of fear. However, dogs that grow up in this environment have a deep sense of insecurity, and sometimes attack weak children or elderly people, and even have dangerous incidents of biting. Therefore, when the golden retriever does not obey the command, shout the command and shoot the water gun at the golden retriever's face at the same time, most golden retrievers will be quiet.


There is a mistake in training anytime, anywhere, that is, golden hair training is time-limited, which is actually wrong. In our daily life, such as walking, eating, visiting, etc., we should patiently teach the golden retriever what is "to do" and what is "not to do".


Not too much praise and education of the baby is not the same, the golden retriever's praise should be limited to when the golden retriever is very obedient. If you praise it at every turn, it will make it confused, it does not know when to get praise, thus increasing the difficulty of training in the future.


Be patient Golden Retriever is not an animal that can be taught once or twice and immediately memorized and followed. It needs to gradually form memories over the course of continuous training. Therefore, the breeder is required to be patient and constantly train it.


The golden retriever often avoids what he doesn't like, or barks at it, or simply destroys it. This can sometimes cause great trouble for the owner. In this case, first of all, be patient, never hurry, let the golden retriever slowly approach what it does not like, while constantly speaking to it in a gentle voice to calm it down. If the golden retriever is beaten and cursed at this time, it will make the golden retriever hide further.


Correct the moment when the golden retriever is about to do something "not to do", it should be loudly and decisively stopped. If you reprimand it later, the golden retriever will not understand the reason, and will continue to do those "can't do" things. What's more, when often reprimanded for unknown reasons, the golden retriever will gradually develop a sense of distrust toward its master and become less likely to listen to its master's commands.


The ability of the golden retriever is different from that of other golden retrievers, so it is necessary to take the speed to train it, and it must not be compared with other golden retrievers, so as to think that "our golden retriever's understanding is really poor". Have faith in your golden retriever. My Golden Retriever learned to ride a motorcycle for four months, but he was asked to ride in the back of a man's motorcycle.


In the process of training, if you encounter any difficult problems, do not tinker or guess, but at any time to consult experts or veterinarians. So you don't delay your golden retriever.


The most important point is: be loving to feed the golden retriever the purpose of training is to "teach", not "scold". The best way is to often praise and pet, let the golden retriever understand the owner's happy mood, and the method of physical punishment to force the dog to obey is the most important. In fact, all pets are the same, the most important thing is to have a love.