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1. Choose lipstick according to your lip color

2018-03-26 17:36:02

Many beautiful girls do not go out without makeup, and now it is upgraded to not be able to go out with bare lips, so let's see how to choose a suitable lip makeup.

1. Lip care

The information illegally crawled from experience

2. White lips

Xiaobian envy the beauty of white lips (good makeup), but most of the lip color is caused by anemia, pay attention to blood, the beauty of white lips with color lipstick on the line, do not use translucent lipstick looks no blood (with lipstick than with lip gloss).

3. Lips that are too red or too dark

Dark lip color or lip color too red is not very good to make up, what color lipstick (lip gloss) color is not correct, and even sometimes can not cover the base color, lip concealer, foundation, isolation, BB cream, etc., first cover the lip color with white, and then on what color is good.

4. Lipstick

Lip balm: dense color covering power is strong, generally no bright stars, bright stars look no natural lip gloss, a general color is relatively full, the color system is not very light, more bright. The lip color is too dark and needs a base.

5. Lip pomelo

Lip pomelo: just like brushing the lips, the covering power is very strong, the color is particularly full and dense, can cover the lip lines, it is not easy to take off makeup, but the color is too bright and naked makeup is not suitable, and the lip color can be used without affecting the effect.

6. Lip gloss

Lip gloss: a variety of colors, high transparency, a pure color, with bright stars, water natural crystal clear, but the covering power is not strong and easy to remove makeup. Deep lip color needs a base lip color light can use color lip gloss.

7. Cold lips

Lip jelly: candy color, rich color (color is not deep), high moisture (high penetration), high brightness, can be used to moisten lips, lip color is too deep is not suitable.

Matters needing attention

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