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2011 Chinese Valentine's Day travel play

2018-03-21 04:48:00

2011 Tanabata Valentine's Day travel, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month this day is the Chinese Han traditional festival Tanabata Festival. Because the main participants in this day's activities are girls, and the content of the festival is mainly begging, so people call this day "Begging Festival" or "Girls' Day", "Daughter's Day". The Qixi Festival is one of the most romantic traditional festivals in China, and it is also the day that girls attach the most importance to in the past. 2011 Chinese Valentine's Day travel, give you a professional recommendation oh.

Feature attractions recommendation

China Dinosaur Garden this summer, cool, every minute counts! Hot summer, the first thought is to plunge into the water, hard to enjoy a handful of water cool cool. After a year of transformation, the Chinese Dinosaur Park's new Rubra Peak Water World will be presented to visitors in July with a new look. The world's top water projects introduced from abroad, the dinosaur-themed packaging, and the humanized facilities and services all show that China Dragon Garden is integrating with world-class theme parks. Let's uncover the mystery of the new water world and see how much fun there is!


Yancheng Spring and Autumn Park is the world's first spring and autumn culture theme dream park - Yancheng Spring and Autumn Park, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, based on the political, military, economic, cultural and other aspects of the spring and Autumn period, in the form of situational experience, set up static ornamental projects, interactive performing arts projects and experience amusement projects under the artistic conception of spring and Autumn. Yancheng Spring and Autumn Paradise is divided into seven functional areas, namely, entrance service area, Zhuzi hundred homes, Spring and Autumn Culture performing arts area, Spring and Autumn theme experience area, Spring and Autumn folk culture area, children's paradise and Happy water world.


Yancheng Wildlife Park Yancheng Wildlife world is divided into walking area and self-driving area, walking area of a wide variety of animals, there are white tigers, giraffes, just, white baboon and other exotic animals, there are a number of animal performances. However, the most interesting is the "Walking with the beast" self-driving wildlife viewing project, tourists can drive their own cars, freely walk around the wild animals, enjoy the excitement and fun of close contact with animals.

, scenic spot recommendation

The Ocean Museum is located in the National Tourism Resort area, with a total investment of 25 million US dollars, covering an area of 80,000 square meters, and a construction area of more than 52,000 square meters. The first phase of the ocean museum opened to the public covers an area of about 15,000 square meters. The museum is the first large-scale comprehensive family museum in southern Jiangsu, its completion has realized the perfect layout of the Yangtze River Delta area of the aquarium, and made up for the gap in the construction of the aquarium in southern Jiangsu.


Three Kingdoms City, water gap city Three Kingdoms city, located in the verdant Junzhang foothills, scenic shore, is the CCTV to shoot 84 sets of TV series "Romance of The Three Kingdoms" and the construction of film and television cultural scenic spot. It covers an area of about 35 hectares, and the water area is more than 1,500 mu. From the Han Ding to the Caoying water village, from the Wu Palace to the Harem, and then to the Gan Lu Temple, the whole scenic spot presents the simple and dignified architectural style of the Han Dynasty.

Recommended surrounding,,, and tourist attractions

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