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2017 Registration details process

2018-03-14 19:12:00

Now registration is the whole process online, not as complicated as before, registration information is also subscription system, the following Xiaoyue to give you a detailed introduction to it


Name, registered capital, registered address, business scope, corporate shareholder ID card information, corporate shareholder personal U shield (it is best to do a personal digital certificate or bank U shield)


Search for "Municipal Market Authority".


Click on the left "commercial subject registration", the right "Commercial register inquiry" is to query the details of the enterprise.


Like Xiaoyue is using the bank's U shield, so I need to download the bank's driver and follow its instructions, step 1 and step 2.


Then you can insert the handler's U shield, enter the password, and log in


After logging in, choose the first "commercial subject registration", the next step is to check the name, register the type you want to register, then wait for 30 seconds, and then continue to the next step, enter the size, industry, if there is already a repeat name, you can not enter the next step, (in the case of no registered trademarks, the size can be repeated, the industry can not be repeated), All correct can proceed to the next step, fill in the enterprise information.


Small Yue changed a name to continue to teach you, the next information we fill in truthfully.


After filling in, to the last part you need to take legal person, shareholder U shield signature, after signing the word, click on the top of the submission, wait 3-5 working days, go to the market supervision Bureau to take business and tax notice form.