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2018 May Day travel Guide

2018-03-20 11:12:00

Again to the May Day holiday season, many people want to play, so where to go to play better? As a family of workers, has also been to several places, is an international metropolis, many people want to play, here for you to introduce a few small series of their own have been to the place for your reference.


The zoo. If it is to bring children to play, it is definitely very good to go to the zoo, and the zoo is very big, you can enjoy it slowly, but also let the children know a lot of animals, which is very good. During the May Day, the flow of people in the zoo is also very large, so you should pay more attention to avoid encountering some unpleasant things.


Three lanes and seven alleys. This is a very famous alley, very simple and very historical, very suitable for young couples to play, very beautiful. For girls who like to buy things, it is very interesting to play in Sanfang seven lanes, and you can see all kinds of interesting goods, which is very good, you can buy according to your actual situation, it is fun.


City God's Temple. This is a small series to the City God Temple shot night scene, is it very beautiful? It's very beautiful to go on a sunny day, and you can see a lot of beautiful scenery, especially the night sky, which is really beautiful. You can also go to the temple, it is also very interesting.


A pearl. If you do not go to the pearl Tower, it is a great pity, here is the pearl Tower photographed at the Bund, very beautiful, also very beautiful. It is also very interesting to look at the old buildings around the Bund, then look at the Waibadu Bridge, and then go to the Pearl River to see the scenery.


Temple. The most prosperous area is around the temple, this is a very beautiful temple, the ticket is not very expensive, 50 yuan to get it done. You can visit the temple, it is also very beautiful. There are also a lot of food around, you can look around, and then choose a place to eat, very comfortable, but also enjoy.


The Old Street. To feel some of the cultural atmosphere, you can walk to the old street, to the old street to feel the beauty of the old years. There are a lot of old streets, there are a lot of pedestrian streets, are very beautiful, but also worth going to visit, than the road, the old street, etc., are you can go, worth playing.

Matters needing attention

The above is only for your reference.