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3 summer forehead acne prescription kiki teacher acne experience

2018-04-23 03:12:55

Summer is coming, the acne on the forehead is always not good, and you share 3 summer acne tips


1, egg + honey open a fresh egg into the mask bowl, add a spoonful of honey, stir well, and then apply on the face, and then have fingers to massage the skin for 1 minute, so that the mask is better absorbed in the skin. Wait for the egg honey mask to dry naturally, use cleaning, once a week, so that you can get a good acne effect, but also moisturize the skin, so that the skin is clean and thorough.


2, honey + grape juice + flour honey is a very good skin care products, it can provide the skin with a lot of nutrients, promote skin tissue regeneration. Homemade way, use a spoonful of honey into a spoonful of grape juice, add to the flour mix, then apply to the face, 10 minutes, clean, you can.


3, egg + lemon juice + olive oil Take an egg, keep the egg white, put it into the mask bowl, add half a spoon of olive oil and a little lemon juice, and finally add some kosher salt evenly stir, evenly spread on the face, wait for a little dry with the finger gently massage the skin in a circle, and then wash.