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4 details for it staff to pay attention to,

2018-05-14 14:24:25

1, since overtime since staying up late since the leader scolded then happy to accept the fact, because you are angry overtime or frustrated to stay up late are plus, accept the fact, IT staff is like this. 2, if you smoke and drink the right amount, there is no need to force yourself to quit, natural best. Smothered smoking and drinking wine is the cause of cancer 3, eat more vegetarian vegetables and fruits, but not what vegetarian vegetables and fruits are eaten, to eat more alkaline foods, such as carrots and so on. Drink more water to drink plain water, pay attention to the water to drink too much and too little is not good. 4, people say that money is not earned, the body is their own. This is right, but the mood will not be good without money, while young to try to make some money, but remember: with the growth of age to learn to slow down the pace and learn to health and maintenance. All kinds of persistence and the realization of all kinds of dreams are not suitable for older IT people. In addition, not unlimited persistence and hard work can make you famous, being an ordinary person is sometimes good, the most important thing is that we can't.