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5 day tour guide

2018-03-20 14:24:00

Is a place worth playing, in addition to the landscape, there are local folk customs, and local food, so how to play in 5 days?

【 Preparatory work 】

You can order your wine online. When traveling, housing is a top priority.


Multiple travel requires preparing an online public space. Such as qq group, group, and professional public space palm light and shadow. It is recommended here that the professional, rational ability is strong, and the way with pictures is more convenient to describe the mood of taking photos and the content of saying. Why do we need public space? First, there should be a place for everyone to upload travel content together, second, when you look back one day, you can fully see the tour, and third, it is convenient to share or even broadcast your journey to the partners who do not travel.

Five-day Tour itinerary

[The first day,] There must be some excitement when you first arrive. Here you can eat a lot of food such as Sanxia pot, Miao family cured meat, acid rain... Take a picture of the scenery here and there. You can try the bar here, scenic German characteristics. This day, mainly play.


[The next day, the first arrival] in the morning, from the start to the journey is not short, nor too long, and it is about five hours. If you want to see the scenery along the way. You should be tired at the end of the day. After buying tickets, you can understand the general pattern. In addition, it is recommended to rest early and get enough physical strength.


[The third day, in addition to the tour] recommend Jindaxi, Yang Jiajie, Yuan Jiajie, stay in Yuan Jiajie at night; The accommodation is not expensive, the environment is good, and the food is good. Enjoy a different mountain view in the evening


[The fourth day, then tour] Continue to play forest Park Tianzi Mountain, ten Li gallery, return to the city after playing, stay in the scenic area at night;


[The fifth day, the final stage] Play the mountain, directly from the city to take the cableway up, down, play, eat dinner, 8 PM train directly return.

On the train

It should be tiring and satisfying. Especially after climbing the mountain. Sleep on it. Remember. After you wake up, you can also look at the public space of the trip and read the messages from your partners...