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5 effective and detailed ways to learn easy English

2018-03-16 16:00:09

To learn English, you need to use the correct method of learning English, otherwise it is only half the result with twice the effort. Therefore, when learning English, many students will find that learning methods are very important when learning English, so what are the best learning methods when learning English?


If you are still a student, it should be relatively easy to create an English environment. If you are already at work, then at least try to surround yourself with English outside of work, whether it is music, radio, movies, news, etc. At the same time, you can also read more foreign news websites when reading news. The purpose of creating an English environment is to make yourself automatically familiar with the English language, and you will be able to get used to it naturally and blurt it out. Of course, there is another way to create a good learning environment is to choose a training institution to learn, like Akaso this training institution is an online one-to-one training institution for foreign teachers, convenient to learn English in class, and the price of learning is also very favorable, there are free trial courses for training institutions.


Listen, listen, listen, train your English ears! The most important step to learn English well is to listen a lot, you don't need English grammar books, you just need to learn Chinese as a child to constantly listen to a lot of Chinese, when you listen to English, you can get used to it naturally, until one day listen to more, naturally will blurt out. If you just blindly memorize the words, but ignore listening, and use the wrong method of English, it will cause the situation that you can understand the English words, but you can't understand and speak them. To learn English quickly we must begin with listening.


In order to learn English well quickly, in addition to training your English listening ear, you also need to learn a large number of words, and the source of words is not from the word book, but from the words you hear from the textbook, so in addition to reciting words, due to the relationship between listening, You'll also know right away what kind of situation this word can come in handy in, so you can blurt it out and use it the next time you're in the same situation.


Watching videos is one of the best ways to improve English listening, one of the keys is not to open Chinese subtitles, you must rely on your existing English ability to listen, once you do not understand to listen to the second time. Listening combined with vocabulary, both sides improve together, you can quickly improve English ability.


Watching foreign news websites such as CNN, BBC and so on are good sources of foreign news websites, watching foreign news websites in order to train reading ability, in fact, as long as listening ability can be greatly improved, reading is no longer a problem, you need to make yourself more accustomed to English articles, so that you can read English news as fast as Chinese news. What are the ways to learn English? English learning is a long process, when learning, not overnight, so we must insist on learning, in order to better see the effect.