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6 Myths about dog ownership that you must know

2018-03-15 09:36:00

Now more and more people raise dogs like children, give it the best food, use the best; Afraid of them cold in winter, afraid of them hot in summer... But sometimes, some of the ideas we think we are fighting for are actually wrong.


Bathing your dog can remove grease and dirt from the coat, speed up the metabolism of the skin and hair, and improve their own disease resistance. It also protects against diseases such as parasites. So some owners will often bathe their dogs. But the dog's skin is alkaline skin, too frequent bathing will destroy the natural protection of oil, resulting in dry skin, allergies and so on. In the case of healthy skin, usually wash once every two weeks. But it also depends on different weather, different varieties and different skin conditions. Bathing your dog can remove grease and dirt from the fur, speed up the metabolism of the skin and hair, improve disease resistance, and prevent diseases such as parasites. When the dog has the symptoms of itchy skin, it does not mean that they need to bathe, there may be skin disease, be sure to take them to the doctor to find out the correct treatment.


× The dog always protects food, it does not take me in the eye × When near the dog who is eating, they will grin and whisper, and even attack. The phenomenon of dog food protection, first of all to establish a relationship of trust with people, through simple training to let the dog know that the owner is close to the food is a good thing, so that they relax the tension.


× Tail clipping and ear clipping are good looking for dogs × Tail clipping and ear clipping are used in the past to cut off some kinds of hunting dogs so that they will not be caught by prey when hunting, and also because they run long tail or long ears will be entangled in the woods in the forest, so the tail or ear clipping is just to improve their practicality. So cutting the ears is not because to make them better looking, pet dogs do not need to hunt, so there is no sense in cutting the tail or ears, but to keep their original appearance is much cuter, and do not let them suffer this painful knife.


* The dog will eat what I eat * Giving it human food is not love, but harm. Many foods have a great burden on the dog's body and can cause many diseases in the long run. Life span will be shorter. If you want to improve your dog's diet, don't add any human food seasonings.


When it comes to training, many people will think of those difficult juggling shows, and will even equate training, abuse and punishment, training is not to abuse dogs, but to make us closer to each other. Dogs have a long time to live with us, and they have to change from dog habits to human life, so they need to be trained to help them establish norms. So that parents and dogs can produce a benign interaction, in fact, if the training method is correct, they can play and get rewards, many dogs in the training process is very enjoy, very happy.


This information comes from experience

Matters needing attention

Some of the ideas we think we are fighting for are actually wrong.