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7 day tour of Aden and surrounding area

2018-02-24 19:12:00

D1: - (350 km, driving time about 9 hours) from the morning, through Chengguan highway, nature reserve; Turn Balang Mountain (Sea of clouds, highway is the feature here), leave a picture in the pass, after all, it is the first mountain in our trip; Enjoy the panorama of Siguniang Mountain in Cat nose bridge; After passing through the country of thousands of crops -. Stay:, 2000 meters above sea level D2: - (220 km, driving time about 7 hours) the nearby Suopo (Diaomou), Jiaju (Zangzhai) after playing, along the Yak river valley (known as natural bonsai), when excited to walk down a section; Taste pure Yak yogurt (perhaps the best and most fragrant yogurt you can drink) through the Tagong Grassland (the best place to see the sacred mountain of Yala); After the photography paradise - bridge, over the Gol Temple mountain, arrived. Lodging:, 2600 meters above sea level D3: - (290 kilometers, driving time is about 8 hours) over the Scissors Bend Mountain, Katzilla Mountain (two high mountains of more than 4,000 meters); The tent made of black cow hair was the home of the herdsmen. We also went to chat with them. If we were lucky, we could drink the freshest yak milk. Through the world high city, eating delicious Lianpan at noon. Then it passes through Haizi Mountain, which looks like the surface of the moon. Accommodation:, 3740 meters above sea level D4: - Aden (110 km, driving time is about 3 hours) Morning view - Riverside, salad Basi (poplar forest, Xiaxia, river, village), before entering the scenic spot can be considered in accordance with the custom of local people to worship Gongling Temple (the largest yellow temple), to reach the last Shangri-La - Aden. After lunch, you can hike to Chomara Lake (Jen) or arrange a tour the next morning. Enjoy the sunset at Senaishi Shrine (meaning Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, 6023 meters above sea level), or do an acclimation rest at or near Yading Village camp. At this moment is already in the wonderland of the world! Accommodation: Aden Village, 3900 meters above sea level D5: Aden officially entered the core scenic area of Aden, it is best to choose horseback riding up the mountain. In the morning, go to Zhen first to photograph the sunrise and reflection of Senai Day, then you will deeply appreciate what is the unity of heaven and man. After arriving at Chonggu Temple, you can walk about 3 hours to reach the Luorong cattle farm, and enjoy the scenery of Chonggu Temple and the temple of God (meaning Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, altitude 6023 meters). When you go up the mountain, you can view the sacred mountain of Shanodoji (meaning Vadrata Bodhisattva, 5,958 meters above sea level) and the sacred mountain of Yangmaiyong (meaning Jin Manjusri Bodhisattva, 5,958 meters above sea level), watch wild animals, alpine flowers, snow mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and experience the natural fun of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. In order to ensure physical strength and time to go to the milk sea and the five color sea (only on foot, horseback riding can not be reached), you can also consider riding directly to the Luo Rong cattle farm, walking to the milk sea and the five color sea when returning to the Chonggu Temple. Don't delay too long along the way, because only on foot down to the Luo Rong cattle farm to ride back to the Longtongba sightseeing car, ha ha. (The tour bus finishes at 6 p.m., and the only way to miss the time is to stay an extra night in Aden Village until the tour bus returns at 9:30 a.m. the next day.) Say goodbye to the three holy mountains, step by step away from the last Shangri-La - Aden, enjoy the scenery along the river, go to the SAN Jero Inn stay. It is recommended to bathe in Zubchaka to wash away dust and fatigue. Off-season taxi round trip is 25-30 yuan, wash is 10 yuan/pool (husband and wife can be in the same pool ^O^, in order not to catch a cold, please bring your own hair dryer.) Night: D6: - Bridge (360 kilometers, driving time of about 10 hours) After enjoying the morning scene, set foot on the way home, when did not look carefully, did not have time to shoot will have a chance to make up. Savor the charm of the Tibetan Plateau. In the evening, find a few singing Tibetan songs, the sound of nature, Kangba girls and boys together to sing, Guzhuang; Then burn a bonfire, there are Qingke wine, butter tea, zanba...... Accommodation: Bridge, 3300 m above sea level D7: Bridge - (390 kilometers, driving time of about 9 hours) leave the real sense of Tibetan areas, (if you do not see the sky burial when you go, go to see it today, but it is very late) over the outside of the Guan - Yiduoshan Mountain, in front of the five-color wind horses and prayer flags (the last mountain of more than 4,000 in this trip) by Kangding, Erlang Mountain tunnel back (540 meters above sea level, Congratulations on your return). A brief description: the trip is arranged for three days, taking into account that you can slowly adapt to the plateau, and it is not too tired, but also a simple look, and it is a circle line, less going back. Such a long journey, good scenery along the way, without affecting the overall trip, stop at any time to take photos, basically unlimited time.