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7 Habits of Successful People: [3]

2018-03-17 22:24:00

Take positive measures to make yourself better, and excellence is the precipitation after every good choice!

There are things to do and things not to do

Profit is always close to the place where demand exceeds supply, and the great people are good at observing details. If you ignore the needs of those around you, you give up half the chance to succeed.


Affection is mutual warmth, we are often waiting for others to our hospitality, but did not enjoy the process of paying attention to the beauty!


Often expect from Video /TV to learn what, in fact, but most of the video is entertainment, can only hypnotize your brain, but can not promote your learning and thinking. These FMCG products are only suitable for entry, for advanced or senior people at most only a little reminder, so it is not worth it.


Saying YES when you should say NO is like throwing yourself into the fire. Making commitments that are beyond your ability to bear and overload yourself is a sure way to go wrong. Only if you know yourself better, you will have the courage to protect yourself.


You shouldn't have more to do than what's on your mind. Success is to do what you really want to do, not to do what others want to do.


You can let public opinion or staff influence your decision, but you can't let them make it for you. If so, you are replaceable!


It is often easy to forget the sincere smile, smile is the best business card, eyes are the window of the soul, often smile at yourself and the people around you, release your positive energy!


Whether we have no rest time after starting a business or getting promoted, this is putting the cart before the horse. Working hard is for a better life. If work encroudes on a lot of rest time in life, it's time to take care of it.


The focus is only on the problems encountered in the present, not on the opportunities and challenges that will arise in the current/future environment. It's easy to lose sight of everything.


Doing things easily distracted, which is common perfectionism, and even overthinking. This requires more time for yourself to be quiet, perhaps meditation and reading is a good way.


Too embarrassed to ask for help. I think we should all live in the real relationship, and not wait for the day when the false relationship is broken to feel their own investment in this relationship.


Stopping learning will not have an impact on your life in the short term, but in the long run, the ceiling of your life will become more and more obvious and you will become more and more anxious. Growth makes people excited, backward and helpless make people at a loss.

Matters needing attention

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