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# Chinese New Year # years ago online shopping EMS economy?

2018-02-08 11:12:00

There is still a week to go for the New Year, everyone is preparing for the New Year, whether it is wholesale markets, supermarkets or online shopping, all use the killer, super discount. Xiaobian recently also spent in buy buy buy. Due to a variety of holidays or lack of employees, many cross-province have used the usual good use, basically most of them are using EMS economy. Here to talk to you about your feelings, so that everyone online shopping less detours.


Have bought something online


Default EMS etc.


First, important tips for online shopping. First of all to remind everyone, the New Year, you want to have a holiday, little brother also want to have a holiday, so no interest on the direct order, first of all to see if there is a notice on the product surface, some 12 or so will not be shipped, if you place an order now, people are also shipped after the year; It is best to communicate with customer service, tell him where you are, what to use after taking pictures, and so on.


Second, the arrival of EMS outside the province. 1. Xiaobian happily bought an umbrella on a treasure, it rained every day these days, and the previous umbrella was lost. When going to the supermarket, dozens of pieces were heavy. Xiaobian likes lightweight and convenient to carry, after all, the New Year is to go home or travel. After placing a direct order, I did not think it was EMS economy, at that time I was very worried, afraid that I could not reach the year before.


2. It was in the afternoon when I took the photo, the umbrella was sent to the transit city that night, arrived at the transit city the next morning, and was ready to be sent to the provincial transit station at 1 o 'clock at noon, arrived at the transit station in the early morning of the third day, arrived at the early morning of the fourth day, received the clerk's confirmation and kindly explained my delivery address, arrived at the destination at noon, the whole four days, basically the same as normal.


Iii. EMS arrival situation in the province. 1. Only after buying an umbrella did I know that the holiday was so early, so I chose to buy products in the province, so I don't have to worry about my hair. This time, I specifically chose a network in the same city, the address is displayed, and did not think much at that time, it is directly appropriate to shoot, anyway, it is the same city, but also afraid that it can not reach.


2. Who knows that the package was not delivered on the same day, and the customer service also ignored anyone. It was shipped the morning after the photo was taken, which is understandable. Anyway, there is no hurry to immediately, the final display is actually or EMS, the same city is also used this, a feeling of being pit. What is more, from the dispatch, the third day of the shooting did not update the information, the fourth day showed arrival, but did not show delivery. That has not yet arrived.


Iv. Personal experience of EMS economy. This time outside the province and within the province, the province is more rapid and effective, there is no reason to stay in the province without fast forwarding phenomenon. After all, it is only an attempt, can not 100% confirm the effectiveness of the province, but one thing is for sure, the EMS economy is not stable, maybe you are lucky to arrive on the normal time, or you may wait a week.

Matters needing attention

Pre-purchase information needs to be confirmed


Online shopping is risky, order carefully