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【 Full line travel 】 Play

2018-03-18 11:12:29

Beauty is sacred, beauty is also given by nature. Many visitors arrive because of various reasons, can not see the whole picture. So, what kind of route will be able to travel all the way? Here, a small series for you to introduce a line, so that you have a full line of travel, fun.


Visit better, see more attractions, and take pictures of your unique personality. Full-line travel, so that you can better appreciate the beauty, appreciate the simplicity!  


Your city -


Arrive by train from your city and enjoy the nature along the way. During the train operation, because the train running time is slightly longer, the meal needs to be on the train, there are not used to the train meal, please prepare some food in advance, stay on the train at night, please pay attention to keep warm!


Arrived, Potala Palace - Jokhang Temple - Bajiao Street


City tour, morning visit to the Potala Palace, Potala Palace is the largest and most complete existing complex of ancient castles, is the Dalai Lama living and engaging in political activities, divided into two parts of the Red Palace and the White House, the main building of the Red Palace is the spiritual tower and various Buddhist halls, but also the venue for Buddhist activities, the White House is the Dalai Lama living, chanting and dealing with administrative affairs. Afternoon visit Jokhang Temple, Bajiao Street, free shopping. There are many fake and shoddy goods on Bajiao Street, please be careful when buying crafts, so as not to be cheated.


-- Yangbajing -- Namtso --


The morning from the departure to 90 kilometers away from the Yangbajing geothermal. Lake Namtso, 250 km away, is the highest saltwater lake in the world and is located at the southwest foot of the Nianqing Tanggu Gula Mountains. During this period, you can take pictures of many beautiful plateau scenery. However, Namco is at a higher altitude and the temperature is low, so you must prepare cold clothes. It is best to bring your own bathing suit, please prepare cold clothes, please pay attention to keep your body temperature after taking a bath, do not catch cold!


This page is based on experience


Niyang River compared to the sacred mountain --


After breakfast, visit Biri Shrine, also known as Benri Shrine. This is a sacred mountain revered by the primitive Bon religion. Every year, during the Dawa Festival, Bon believers circle the sacred mountain counterclockwise, and Aqiongjebo is regarded as a hero who protects the sacred mountain.


Yangzhuyong Lake ————


Depart through one of the three holy lakes, Yangzhuyong Lake (240km), La Glacier, anti-British hero Zi (280km). Depart and continue 95 km to Houzang Town. The tour takes about 10 hours. The main scenery on the way is the sheep Lake, its scenery is more spectacular, the temperature is low, like photography friends should pay attention to keep warm!


Tashilhunpo Temple --


Depart to Tashilhunpo Monastery, which was built in 1447 under the auspices of the 1st Dalai Lama, Gen Dhondzhupa. Later, it became the tin land where the successive Panchan lived. The Qiangba Buddha statue enshrined in the temple is the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world, 28 meters high, took 4 years to complete, a total of 6700 gold, brass more than 230,000 pounds, and the temple is stored in the 10th Panchen Lama spiritual tower, enjoy Tibetan Buddhist culture. Return after the tour.


-- Your city


Enjoy the scenery of the plateau along the way, and you can take more beautiful pictures on the train by going to Qinghai-Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet or XinZang and Yunnan-Tibet. The end of the tour, return to your sweet home.

Matters needing attention

The basic points of plateau driving and desert driving: first, the ground temperature is high, do not drive at high speed for a long time; second, do not overload driving; third, drive at a constant speed, and minimize the friction of the tires; fourth, the plateau pressure is low, and some air should be appropriately discharged for the tires