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A belt to help you lift the waist line, easy to have a small waist!

2018-02-20 03:12:00

Whenever we bring up long legs, we must not drop the high waist line. High-waisted pants, high-waisted skirts, high-waisted jumpsuits... In addition to the high-waist items that can be seen everywhere, using a belt to enhance the waist line is also a very smart choice! Items that easily hide the waist line may be your best friend when hiding meat, but don't let it lose your golden ratio, OK? Use a belt to lift your waistline and Get your nine-head baby!


A neutral and handsome suit is not really a good choice to highlight the characteristics of a woman's body, but the modification of the belt makes this shape instantly feminine and slimmer.


If you want to try the suit Look, try this matching detail! Whether it's a full-body suit or just a suit jacket, you can always try this trick!


crop top, which is popular in recent seasons, caters to everyone's psychology of wanting to highlight the waist line, but what about the previous long tops or normal length tops? Help them go with the trend with a belt!

Mid-length skirt with high waist

High waist to enhance the waist line, and other first fixed the golden ratio. Midi, Midi


Skirt: To cover your knees and keep your calves up! Early spring to a high-waisted MIDI skirt, long legs how to wear how to have!


The mid-length umbrella skirt is matched with the same color blouse, and the monochrome shape looks smooth and simple and very textured. The high waist line and MIDI skirt design with the same color Look, so that you dream of long legs become a natural.


Pairing a mid-length dress with a mid-length, high-waisted skirt is also a layered and stylish way to wear it, emphasizing proportion and giving the hemline more scenery.


The MIDI skirt and bomber jacket seamlessly blend smoothly and harmoniously, emphasizing proportion even more.