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A detailed introduction to the King of Glory map

2018-03-14 14:24:00

King of Glory as a moba mobile game, has a variety of map forms for players to choose from, the changeable form is also deeply liked by players



King account


The first type is the 1vs1 Mohist organ road, single road confrontation, each side a defense tower a crystal, the two sides are symmetrical distribution, there is a huge disc in the middle for both sides to duel, the single defense tower mechanism speeds up the rhythm of the game, single competition is stronger


The second type is the 3vs3 Changping attack and defense battle, the same symmetrical structure, two defense towers on each side, and the blood pack is automatically generated after the tower, the map is characterized by a large number of wild monsters, two wolves and two deer are distributed in the upper part of the defense tower, two groups of bow devils are distributed in the lower part of the defense tower, two groups of melee devils are distributed, and one scarlet devil without bonus. The middle upper distribution of the map has been money monster, the lower end has acceleration is not illegal, and can bring buff magic, kill three times can get a huge bonus


The third category is 5v5 Kings Canyon, the same symmetrical structure, the development road, the antagonizing road and the middle road, each road has three defense towers, in the buff area there are three wild boars, a small bird demon species, in the blue buff area there are two wolves and two lizards, and the other map outside the middle road is the river, the central distribution of the river is the master and tyrant. Each of the three paths has a river spirit

Matters needing attention

The position marked in the figure is grass for ambush and avoidance