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A guide to cleaning procedures for newly renovated houses

2018-03-16 19:12:00

After the house is decorated or painted, a lot of construction waste and decoration waste will remain on the ground and wall tiles, at which time we inevitably have to carry out the reclamation and cleaning procedure. It is one of the most difficult, the most complex, the most laborious work, the quality of the project is good or bad, directly affects the quality and grade of the cleaning work in the future, today we will take a look at the cleaning process steps have it!


Multi-function vacuum absorbent, multi-function washing machine, feather duster, glass tool set, water scraper, water applicator, telescopic rod, marble shovel knife, ladder, cleaning bucket, cleaning ball, high-pressure spray bottle, cleaning cloth, etc.


There are all-around cleaning agent, acid cleaning agent, glass special cleaning agent.


Cleaning procedures, step 1, first clean up the construction waste and decoration waste in the house.


Clearing and cleaning procedures, step 2, use a multi-functional vacuum cleaner from top to bottom or use a feather duster to remove dust.


Cleaning procedure, step 3, wipe the glass frame with a towel first, and then dip the diluted glass solution with a water applicator, evenly apply the glass from top to bottom, and remove stubborn stains with a spatula knife, and then repeat the above process with a scraper from top to bottom, wipe the water mark left on the frame with a dry towel, and wipe the water mark on the glass with a deerskin towel.


Cleaning procedures, Step 4, with the water applicator will be equipped with the universal cleaning agent solution smears the wall bricks and the ground, a moment later, with the marble shovel knife, cleaning ball, wiper to clean the ground, and finally with the dust suction device to finish.


Cleaning procedures, step 5, distinguish the material of the door, diluted with a professional cleaner, wipe with a towel, the procedure is also from top to bottom, fold the towel into a square, from the top of the door to wipe from left to right, there can be no omissions, where there are glue stains can be treated with glue remover; The program of the box is the same door; Be sure to do no omissions, no dead ends.


Cleaning procedures, step 6, the wall with a duster or vacuum cleaner to do dust treatment, wipe lamps, switch boxes, exhaust ports, air conditioning ports, exhaust outlets, etc.


Cleaning procedures, step 7, wipe with a towel, use a blade to remove all kinds of glue, paint points, etc. Pay attention to the order, the special treatment of special materials, it is very important, the bathroom, the kitchen utensils are new, scratch, stain is very troublesome.

Matters needing attention

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