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A must-read guide to the golf course

2018-03-27 00:00:38

Golf must read the next manual, a few novices often encounter problems, I hope to help you and learn from.


Are there rules about who puts the flagpole in the hole? There are no rules. But the most common practice is for the first person on the team to take the flag out and be ready to put it back in after the last person has made his putt.


Is there a dress code on the court? Dressing appropriately is a tribute to the etiquette and traditions of golf, a courtesy to the course you play and to the other golfers who see you. Photos of golfers from the late 19th to early 20th centuries show women wearing loose tops and long, flowing skirts. The men wore tights and ties. The attire has changed, however, the proper attire of the golfer still exists in the modern attire. On TV, we can see the clothes of professional golfers, the short suit is not too short, the shirt is tied with a tie. Golfers wear appropriate clothing to play and practice, keeping the tradition of golf alive.


What if the ball lands on an immovable object like a sprinkler or ball lane? Because golf courses are not entirely natural, the rules involve artificial objects that are considered obstacles. Therefore, because these objects are part of the pitch, you will not be punished. According to Rule 24-2, you can pick up the ball, you must stand where your swing is no longer interfered with the obstacle, the same distance from the hole. Once the ball is within the length of the cue, you can continue playing.


We're all in the kickoff area. Where do I stand best? The best place to be is on one side or the other of the tee box. You need to stand in a safe place where you can see where the other shots will land. Standing behind the kickoff player is always unsafe and often distracts the player.


What should I do with the sand raking after smoothing the sand in the sand pit? I've been told differently. While many courses and clubs have their own rules, the United States Golf Association recommends that the sand rake be placed outside the bunker, as far away from the bunker as possible, without affecting the playing area.


How should you throw the ball? You should stand upright with your arms raised at shoulder height. Toss the ball so that it falls from your hand. When you throw the ball, you can face any direction. Everyone throwing the ball like that creates no advantage.