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A woman in love should never do such stupid things

2018-02-24 14:24:00

What stupid things do women do in love? Let's see what minefields you can't step on!


When you first meet him, don't expect to spend every weekend with him, or insist on giving him advice and rearranging his home. Don't rush, you're not married yet.


Do you have a clear understanding of the motivation behind each of his performances? Is his attitude towards you flat? Is he seeing other girls at the same time? Do you only talk to him once a week, and you see him as someone you can commit to for life? Or that his gambling addiction and violent temper were not serious problems. 3.


Pay too much attention to his money If you order a lobster dinner and tell him that your favorite gift is a diamond, eat it and you will never see him again. No man is rich and does not like to be told how to spend his money or on whom to spend it. Men like women who are knowledgeable, not those who are looking for a long-term meal ticket.


Do you think he'll like you more because you do his laundry, cook, and keep house? Please think carefully, if you are willing to be his foot wipes, he will not hesitate to step on.


You should appear confident, appropriate, attractive is not to show off too sexy, men find natural attractiveness is much more desirable than artificial face.


Talk too much don't think that you have to keep talking, silence is golden, even if you are eager to get to know each other, you don't need to tell the life experience in the most few dates, silence is often one of the charm of women.