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About glasses

2018-03-03 19:12:00

After wearing glasses, I found that glasses have become a must-go place every year. Glasses have changed in strength, or they are damaged and need to be repaired, or they are killed and need to buy new glasses.


Choose where to buy your glasses. Option 1: Specialized hospitals and nearby. If you can go to Tongren Hospital, first do a full range of in-depth and detailed optometry, and then go to Tongren to select the frame and lens, the advantage is that the degree is accurate, the lens is professional, and you can be accountable. The disadvantage is that the hospital queue is time-consuming, expensive, and the choice is relatively small.


Option 2: Professional optometry. For example, the market has done a lot of advertising of a bright glasses, an island glasses, etc., large-scale operation, than the wholesale city environment is better, but the price is subject to its shop location, labor costs, brand value, to match the cost-effective glasses is not easy.


Option 3: Glasses wholesale city, this is a cheap paradise, cost-effective. Take Metro Line 10 to Panjiayuan Station, exit A, you need to walk north and then on both sides of the road is a large wholesale glasses market. Out of the subway, there will be a salesman of Glasses city to attract business, international glasses City, Glasses City, Jinsong Glasses City and so on both sides of the road! You can choose which one to go to, or you can go with the salesman and chat about the price of glasses, but they can't decide. The international eyewear City is large in scale and has more shops, but the price is slightly more expensive. Other glasses city slightly old, the price can be cut, generally 150 to 200 yuan price. Because the lenses are average, no matter how high the price I think it is not worth it. In addition, to the wholesale city with glasses is to take a fancy to cost-effective. Why do you think you came all the way here.


Option 4: Online optometry. This method has not been tried. The main step is to go to the nearby optometry, and then choose the favorite frame at home, provide the optometry data to the seller, and then pay online. This type of service in a certain east, a treasure there are many, if you do not adjust the degree, you can complete the mirror without leaving the house. Just wait a few days and get your glasses in the mail, good news for lazy people. However, the matching degree of the frame and the comfort of the lens may be at risk of wearing discomfort because they cannot be tried on site. Strategy: You can only choose the frame, and then go to the eyeglass city to match the lens by yourself, which can avoid the trouble caused by the lens discomfort (the frame is generally not a problem, but it varies from person to person).