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About the tour log

2018-03-17 22:24:05

2015/5/1, Monday, sunny morning packed up, went out to Zi Zhou Park next to a porridge to eat porridge and mugwort. Porridge content is very rich, material is also a lot, there are fish porridge, beef porridge, sweet porridge, white porridge, with their own taste choice. Mugwort crispy rice with black sesame inside.


Morning from the bus station to go, talking and laughing all the way, the weather is good, the mood is good, this season is the most suitable season to travel.


Arrived at West Street, arranged accommodation, chose the best view of the wine - Belvedere theme Inn, close to the park, fresh air, affordable prices.


Ink-and-wash Lijiang River, at this time especially have the feeling of landscape painting.


Yulong River, a lot of people, play very lively happy.


Ten mile gallery, leaving a picture of the moon mountain, a bright moon embedded in the mountains, nature is really the master of the creator. The first time I write a travel story, one is to give myself a souvenir, the second is to hope that some suggestions can help the friends who are going to go, the third is to hope that I can communicate with more friends. If you miss a few spots throughout the tour, don't feel sorry, because you will gain more in the next place. Life may also be the same, don't waste time to worry about gains and losses, but should grasp the moment, let every day in life is brilliant! I love it!