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Accommodation strategy three

2018-05-01 01:36:00

The three pagodas of Chongsheng Temple in Nanzhao, the grottoes, the Buddhist holy land Jizu Mountain, the tall and majestic Cangshan Mountain, the bright and clear Erhai Lake, and the color of the butterfly Spring constitute a beautiful and magical picture. It is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural relics and historic sites, and beautiful ethnic customs, attracting countless tourists from home and abroad.


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The "three teas" of the Bai nationality refers to "bitter tea", "sweet tea" and "aftertaste tea". The first bitter tea, also known as "roast tea" or "hundred bucket tea", first bitter after sweet, can refresh and replenish Qi, make people light qi cool; Three aftertaste tea, put spicy flowers and other spices, drink can be full of fragrance, aftertaste endless. The three kinds of tea of the Bai nationality have a long history, which originated in the early Tang Dynasty and then developed continuously. In the middle and late period of the Nanzhao Dynasty, Buddhism was on the rise, and temples advocated sitting meditation and drinking tea. Tourists also liked drinking tea to quench their thirst, which made the tea ceremony develop a lot. After the Song and Yuan dynasties to the Ming and Qing dynasties, Bai families love to drink roasted tea, entertain guests to drink sweet tea, and drink "three teas" during weddings and festivals. With the development of tourism, three kinds of tea of Bai nationality have developed to the height of tea culture with rich connotation.


National Festival Editor March Festival is held every year around the 15th to 21st lunar March, hence the name. The location is at the eastern foot of Xicang Mountain and the peak. According to legend, on March 15th of a year in Yonghui of the Tang Dynasty, Guanyin Bodhisattva for the Bai people subdue the evil king who harms the people, and people feel its merits and gather every year to burn incense and sacrifice, and then develop into a trade fair. Around Sanling Bai people around Sanling every year lunar April 22 to 24 days held, is the idle season of the Bai people's self-entertainment to meet the gods, spread in the province of the Bai autonomous Prefecture of Cangshan Erhai surrounding areas of the Bai village, is the local Bai people before the busy farming spring dance grand gathering, has been more than a thousand years.


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Food collection editor casserole fish: Choose the production of good casserole, caught in Erhai bow fish, yellow shell fish, or carp with colorful ingredients stew made. On the table with the leaves of the big plate of padding, boiling in the pot, fish tender taste. Known as the "perfect diet", food casserole fish for the greatest pleasure. Papaya chicken: The county area, with its rich sour and delicious papaya roast chicken to prevent disease and cure the body, soup, meat sour aroma, pure taste, no greasy feeling, after eating make your appetite open, the whole body comfortable. Rolled hoof: Rolled hoof is a famous specialty in the county, with a history of more than 500 years, and was included in the famous palace dishes in the Ming dynasty. Selection of high-quality lean pork as the main material, with more than 10 kinds of natural aroma, color, flavor and precious Chinese medicine. Milk fan: Baked, fried, cold can be eaten, sweet, salty are suitable. Frankincense Qinspleen, crisp bubble loose, is a special snack.