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Aden 8-day road trip guide

2018-05-01 08:00:00

Western Sichuan, a beautiful and mysterious place. In 2019, we do not forget our original intention, and spend 8 days to perfectly experience the stunning scenery and local culture of the western Sichuan Plateau, among which, the hot scenery does not fall, whether it is snow-capped mountains, grasslands, forests, and Haizi.


Sunscreen (50 + times, important, essential), lip balm (important, essential), hand cream.


Sunglasses (important, necessary), thermos cup; Rain gear (umbrella and poncho), flashlight or headlamp (with sufficient batteries)


Loop design - 8 days, we start from 500 meters above sea level, through Malkang, Guanyin Bridge and other places, play, Aden and other network red attractions, and finally from out, the altitude slowly rises, slowly adapt to the plateau climate. Day 1: - the same - day 2: guanyinqiao town town - la rong bei Ming buddhist five - county: 3 days, day 4: - 5 days: - shangri-la town - Aden village day 6: Aden - shangri-la town - 7 days: - Bridge - Day 8: - The road on the west side of Sichuan, when the weather is good, the mountain road, in the snow, it still requires the driver's skills and psychological quality.


On the first morning, you will start from Jiujiang and go up the Minjiang River. Along the way, you will tour the Zipingpu Water Project, the hometown of Dayu, and the earthquake site. Then, you will pass through Taoping Qiang Village, Ganbao Tibetan Village, and then pass through Zhigu Mountain Tunnel, drive into the beautiful and slender Suomo River Gorge, pass Zhuokeji Guanzhai, Xisuo folk houses, and then arrive at Malkang, the capital of the Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. Arrive in Songgang Township, far view Songgang straight wave Sculptural Castle. In the evening, arrive at Guanyinqiao Town (or Malkang or Xisuo residence).


The next day, with the sun rising, continue to walk. Along the way, the scenery is endless, with black yaks and white sheep looming in the morning sun, and the breeze blowing a soft pastoral song like a cloud. After lunch, watch the ceremony. After the ceremony, go to Larong Wuming Buddhist College to visit, enter the gate of the Buddhist College, not far away on the hill a red house came into view - the golden sun poured down, the wooden house on the mountain seemed to be bathed in Buddhist light. If you want to take a night scene of friends, you can wait for the sunset and night scene, after shooting the night scene to go to the county seat to stay.


On the third day, you can sleep and wake up naturally, or you can stroll around the county and then go to start. Along the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tibetan areas, through Ongda, county, distant view of Kasa Lake, continue to move forward, arrive at the county seat. If you have enough time, you can visit the temple by yourself and stay in the county (or county) at night. Leaving on the morning of the fourth day, I walked all the way through the Yalong River Grand Canyon, which was lined with mountains and rocks, as if I had entered an ancient tunnel. Arrive at the high city of the world at noon, have lunch, and pass the grasslands in the afternoon, where there are hundreds of flowers blooming in the grasslands in summer. Haizishan Nature Reserve if the weather is fine, here through the endless rocky beach, see the horizon of a row of snow mountains composed of the snow line, the scene is very spectacular. Sangdui Red Grass is a seasonal attraction that can only be seen in autumn. Arrive at county (or Shangri-La Town) in the evening.


After breakfast on the fifth day, drive to the enchanting Aden scenic area. Along the way, enjoy the charming scenery of Qingyang Forest Park, Chitu River Valley, and Tibetan villages, arriving at Shangri-La Township (Riva Township). In the Yading scenic area tourist reception, transfer to the scenic sightseeing car to Yading village (scenic sightseeing car 120 yuan/person, this is a must ride). Zhen, called "Chomala Tso" in Tibetan, is a Haizi formed by the melting snow of the Senai Day. In the dense forest, like an emerald inlaid on the throne, the green waves rippling, sparkling light reveals infinite beauty, around the lake, such as a screen. In spring, rhododendrons are in full bloom along the lake, and in autumn, the colorful reflection of the world is dizzying.


Get up early on the sixth day to enjoy the magnificent, after breakfast, take the scenic sightseeing bus (need to show the ticket purchased on the fifth day) to Zha Gubang, walk to the Chonggu Service area, enjoy the scenery of Chonggu Temple and Senai Sacred Mountain scenery, and then you can take the scenic battery car at your own expense (battery car 80 yuan round trip, recommended to take), continue to the Luorong cattle farm, you can enjoy the Shano Dorji sacred Mountain, Yangmaiyong Sacred Mountain, watch wild animals, alpine flowers, snow mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and experience the natural fun of harmony between man and nature. Let the sacred mountains and sacred water and heart together, indulge in the dream land.


Be sure to get up early on the seventh day, enjoy the beautiful Aden scenic area, across the Katzilla Mountain, through the scissors curved mountain tunnel, through the county, through the Gaolsi Mountain tunnel, and came to the photographer's paradise Bridge, the fascinating "photography paradise", here like a picturesque world. The magical light, the boundless grassland, the winding stream, the rolling mountains, the Tibetan villages scattered among them, the cattle and sheep grazing peacefully... The scenery of western Sichuan blossomed beautifully here. Then cross the Iduo Mountain, through the city of Kangding, arrived to check in. The eighth day is the last day of the trip, starting from breakfast, through the "three elegant culture" known, along the Chengya highway, arrived in the afternoon, a successful conclusion of the 8-day self-drive Aden trip. In the past eight days, I have walked through the world's largest Buddhist institute, listened to the Sutra, heard the Dharma, purified the soul, and left a shock that is beyond words. In these 8 days, we have walked through the last piece of pure land on the water blue planet and experienced the gift of nature to us. There are more routes to follow.