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Aden self-help tour guide

2018-04-30 16:00:00

It is said that in a hidden place deep in the snow-capped mountains of the Tibetan Plateau, there is a kingdom surrounded by double snow-capped mountains, glaciers, canyons, forests, meadows, lakes, gold mines and pure air. This kingdom is the kingdom of Shambhala, known as the last piece of pure land on the water-blue planet, which is today's Aden.


Shangri-la County is in, Shangri-La town is in, here the two provinces compete for the "Shangri-La" this cake results. But I still like to call it by its original name, Jiva Township. This is the only way into Aden scenic area and supply point.


A Tibetan village closest to the ticket office of Aden Scenic Area, which provides accommodation and dining services, however, compared to Shangri-La Town, there are not many options, if it is the peak season, you need at least a month to book a room.


Longtong Dam is located at the bottom of the ditch in the mountain and is the entrance to the Aden Scenic Area. Its geographical location is just right, and it is born to be a gate, where all vehicles have to stop, transfer to the scenic battery car or choose to ride.


Walking from Longtong Dam to Chonggu Temple, although the vertical height only rose by 200 meters, walking distance of about 3 kilometers, but at an altitude of nearly 4,000 meters, it is also a great test for physical strength. At present, there are Longtongba and Aden village can stay in the scenic area, and Longtongba will be more convenient than Aden village. If you get up early the next day to watch the sunrise at Okoji Temple, you can walk 1-1.5 hours to get there.


The sixteen stone statues on the cliff of the Three Father Zhushenshan Mountain in Aden are the embodiment of the sixteen venerable Tibetan Buddhists, which are naturally weathered from the mountains and rocks. This is a scenic spot that is often overlooked, in fact, the sixteen elders on the cliff are lifelike, and have to admire the divine work of nature.

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