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Adi clover the most fashionable collocation tips

2018-02-17 08:00:00

Who says sneakers should only be worn for sports, if you still have this outdated idea, then you have missed the fashion trend. Don't look at just a pair of simple sports shoes, as long as you learn to use it to match the clothes, not only can make you wear very comfortable, you can also make you more elegant and intellectual, and then with the aid of Adi Shamrock's new sports shoes, to introduce you to the latest trend with skills.

Method 1

Sneakers with jeans, leggings sneakers with skinny jeans and black pants, although not a fashion way to wear, but it is indeed an endless wear, will make you look very spiritual, but also very thin, anyone can easily wear. The world's supermodel Liu Wen's favorite is sports shoes, in her inside you can see, she often uses sports shoes with all kinds of clothes, with jeans and small pants is estimated to be her most often wear.

Method 2

Sneakers with skirts Everyone will often use high heels to match the skirt, in fact, with sneakers with skirts will make you look more casual, full of vitality, not trouser skirts, or ankle-length skirts, can easily match sneakers, not only comfortable casual and more fashionable.

Method 3

Sports shoes with casual coat spring short coat is often worn to clothes, short coat with sports shoes will reduce the sense of seriousness, the coat can choose casual style, sports shoes suggest you choose Adidas clover N M D this style, is the world's first revolutionary shoes, classic Yuan Zuozu gray color let people can not shift their eyes, retro smooth outline, It is very easy to wear and has a sense of fashion, and it is also a very good choice with a casual coat.