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Adult college entrance Examination Guide

2018-03-04 17:36:00

1, the need for information: small two-inch blue background electronic photo, ID card front and back scanning electronic copy, graduation certificate scanning electronic copy 2, fill in the information form


Adult promotion degree


Adult education promotion


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1, August unified to students online registration, in early September all students have to participate in information collection, information collection is generally in each city and county, we arrange according to the situation of students nearby. 2. Information collection is mainly to collect students' photos and fingerprints, check students' information, and avoid mistakes.


1. Take the unified adult college Entrance examination on the second Saturday and Sunday of October every year. 1, every November to query the adult college entrance examination results, generally first undergraduate and junior college. The score comes out according to the score to register for the official volunteer, the score is high can be predicted according to the early volunteer, the score is low can be transferred to the college. 1. Check the admission results in December every year, and those who have not been admitted will have the opportunity to register for the exam. We will recommend schools to students according to their scores. 1, the notice is issued in January every year, the tuition fee is paid, and the information of admitted students is checked. Enrollment in March each year, enrollment in April and May, registration can be checked after registration