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Adult education

2018-03-04 11:12:00

What is adult education? Specific about adult education with Xiaobian to discuss it.


Adult education refers to a form of education that is different from ordinary full-time teaching. Adult education is not limited to age, gender. Through this educational process, people considered to be adults among the members of society are empowered, enriched in knowledge, improved in technical and professional qualifications, or directed in a new direction, and their attitudes and behaviour are changed in terms of both their overall human development and their participation in the balanced and independent development of society, economy and culture.


Forms: adult college entrance examination (learning forms include off-job, part-time, correspondence), higher education self-study examination (self-examination), radio and television university (modern distance open education) and network education (distance education)


Requirements: (1) at least 16 years old (2) Chinese citizens who meet the above entry requirements can participate in the examination


Examination time and subject examination scope: according to the "Adult higher education Review Examination Outline" issued by the Ministry of Education. The following table shows the unified test time and subjects for the arts and Sciences examination: Form of study Degree level and minimum Length of study Amateur, Correspondence High school starting point to Junior College 2.5 years High school starting point to Undergraduate 5 years Junior College starting point to Undergraduate 2.5 years Exam subject Time Day 1 Morning Chinese Chinese Politics Day 1 Afternoon Mathematics (Arts/Science) Mathematics (Arts/Science) Foreign Language (English) Day 2 Morning Foreign Language (English/Japanese/Russian) Foreign Language (English/Japanese/Russian) Professional Basic course (depending on the major) Day 2 afternoon History Geography (Arts)/ Physics and Chemistry (Science)

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