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An overview of medical expertise in TCM expertise assessment

2018-04-03 20:48:19

The Chinese Medical Research Institute pointed out that in filling out the application form for registration and filing of TCM professionals with expertise, the writing template for personal learning experience, medical practice experience, and medical expertise review should be filled out according to the requirements in the template:


Pens, notebooks, etc

Personal learning experience

1, the content should include cultural learning and medical learning experience.


2, the content should indicate the time, place, learning content and learning experience.

Medical practice experience

1, for practical experience, be sure to write clearly fill in the time node, practice location, practice experience.


2, for the content filled in must be truthfully filled in, local Chinese medicine main departments may visit to investigate and verify.

An overview of medical expertise

1. For the content of expertise review, be sure to remember these contents when filling in; It should include the basic content and characteristic description of the medical technique, indication or scope of application, safety and effectiveness.


2. The medical expertise of TCM professionals should be selected as far as possible to report the disease or disease, and the description of the disease must be detailed. TCM viewpoints and technical methods such as theory, prescription and medicine, syndrome differentiation and treatment can be used.


3. The content of the review of the medical expertise of TCM professionals is not only the content surrounding the on-site questions and answers of experts, but also the scope of practice and technical methods in the future. You must be careful to fill in and choose your own field of expertise.


4. The summary of medical expertise of TCM professionals should be concise and described around the contents of diagnosis and treatment. In the assessment process, I will present the relevant contents of my expertise on the spot.

Matters needing attention

Consult the Chinese Academy of Medicine for more details