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An unexpected meeting between Seoul and Jeju Island

2018-03-25 03:12:42

The difficult November finally arrived on the evening of the 20th, it can be said that there will be a nervous mood, this night I quickly packed everything, a suitcase mainly loaded clothes (about 3 sets of clothes, thinking that the weather is cold clothes do not need to change), A backpack containing travel items (mainly water, umbrellas, cameras and lenses, hats and other travel items) has been checked over and over, and the main passport has been looked at over and over again. That night I went to bed early, mainly to catch the boat at 8:30, must be at home by car to the port passenger terminal, about 1 hour, otherwise I could not sleep at 11 o 'clock, but every time I close my eyes, there is always a voice in the heart, I know that it is nervous, excited, no matter how much I want to think about it, but it is tossing and turning to sleep, mom! What a return to the situation of the college entrance examination. Anyway, I don't know what time it is in the morning, the last time I looked at my watch was 2:08, I finally fell asleep, and when I woke up, it was 6:30, ready to go, but my head hurt a little, it was a long journey anyway, get enough sleep on the ship and the plane.

Embark on a journey

Starting from home this morning, the sun has not yet risen, the feeling of early morning is relatively strong, 6:30 time really feel too early, but there is really no way. I do not know if today's schedule is tight, because it is the first time for all of us to travel abroad, and there are many means of transport involved on the way, so it is difficult to grasp the time. The itinerary is as follows: Downtown → Hong Kong Passenger Terminal → Ferry to Hong Kong Airport Passenger Terminal → MTR to Hong Kong International Airport → Asiana Airlines flight to Seoul Incheon → Transfer to Seoul Incheon International Airport → Jeju International Airport → Bus to wine. Transportation time: the ferry ticket time is 8:30 departure from the Hong Kong Ferry terminal; Hong Kong to Seoul flight time is 13:15; The flight from Seoul to Jeju Island starts at 19:10. [Hong Kong Passenger Terminal] Starting at 6:30, dad drove my car smoothly sent me to the Hong Kong Passenger terminal, unexpectedly all the traffic is normal, actually did not encounter traffic jams when passing through the main road, and arrived at the port at 7:30 as scheduled. Because it belongs to this area, I often passed here before, and I also know that it is more convenient to go to Hong Kong by boat here (mainly because the car has to pass the port or Luo An have to wait for more than 2 hours), but it is not here to start anywhere, this time finally try for the first time. Come to help book the ferry ticket, has been on the group ticket seal, and the price is 290 yuan, the above even the plane flight number has been printed out. We are thinking that the ticket will definitely cooperate with these passenger terminals and airports, and the ticket price may be lower than the individual ticket price, it seems that the 290 yuan on the ticket should not be the real price. Note: You can consult the port whether you can check your baggage, we know after consulting Cathay Pacific and other larger airlines can directly check in at the port, and our Asiana can not directly do, you can only check in after the airport.

Jeju in the morning

Jeju Island, a small island with a tropical climate, is a famous holiday destination in South Korea. When I woke up and opened my eyes, it was almost 7 o 'clock in the morning, opened the curtains, felt the early morning Jeju Island, may still be in the room with the geothermal system, did not feel a hint of the cold into the winter, but the scene in front of me is yes, a beautiful morning. Since we lived on the 16th floor of Jeju, which is basically in the higher part of Jeju city, and Jeju is adjacent to the sea, the distant view is that colorful houses and the vast sea. At this time, the sky was full of clouds, but there was a faint hint of light that was about to break through the clouds. I pray, the legendary scenery of infinite Jeju Island, give me a beautiful journey, do not rain ah!


[Eat a real breakfast] I thought we would set off immediately to Dragon Rock, but my South Korean colleague said that it was too much time to take the bus around Jeju, he suggested eating breakfast first, and then taking the bus to rent a business 7-seat car, so it would be more convenient. Everyone applauded, it is a good idea, eat breakfast first! So we had breakfast at a breakfast restaurant next to the wine. Entering the restaurant, the elderly aunt came to receive, she said to us in that authentic Korean, "Ah, you drink laxatives!" My colleague translated it as "hello". Ouch! "Drink laxatives" is good for you, then there must be no stomach problems, people are so jokingly. Communicate with aunt, asked about the breakfast plate is how to order food, and then know to Jeju Island to try here abalone porridge. Heard abalone porridge, no, Jeju Koreans really strong, actually every day abalone porridge, we are very helpless pain, on the churros white porridge. Then I ordered a 4,000-won abalone porridge set to try!


Destination: Jeju Rock Scenic Spot Location: Jeju Rock is located in Jeju Island, South Korea Jeju City Dong coast (Jeju International Airport next to Jeju above Jeju city) Jeju Rock Scenic Spot Description: Jeju Rock is 200 years ago, Hanshan volcanic lava cooled and formed a huge volcanic rock. Longtou Rock is 10 meters high and 30 meters long. It is named Longtou Rock because it looks like a longtou. There is a dragon pond about 200 meters east of Longtou Rock, which is said to be a place for dragons to play, so the name dragon pond is also called Longyuan. The water is crystal clear. It is the symbol of Jeju tourism, the starting point of the coast road, and the most prominent rock on the west coast of Jeju Island.


In fact, in various scenic spots and even in general streets, you can see a variety of large and small stone sculptures of different shapes, which aroused my curiosity, because the stone statues reminded me of the mystery of the Easter Island mystery book, and these stone statues on Jeju Island have different uses. Asked a colleague in South Korea, he said that when he was studying in the past, he knew that this was called "stone Duke", as if it was a land god, and was used to protect the village. Later, I went home for a special time and checked the photos I took. Just like what I said on the Internet, the raw material for carving these stone statues was volcanic stone, so there were many small holes in the body of volcanic stone. In addition to protecting evil spirits, it is also said that the legend of sexual function, according to the legend, touch the nose of the "stone father" can give birth to a son, and touch the stomach and hands of the "stone father" can be promoted and rich. Because the big nose of the "stone father" is somewhat similar to the male sex organ, ancient Korean women would secretly run to touch the nose of the "stone father" at night, or use tools to scrape some gravel from the nose of the "stone father" to eat, in order to pray for the smooth birth of a boy. It is said that after South Korea's young couples get married, they must come to Jeju Island for their honeymoon and worship the "stone father" in order to have more children and happiness.

Departure for Seoul

Before dawn, we climbed up from the warm bed, to catch the plane at 8 o 'clock, God, why at that time in the meeting to book such an early plane flight, at least until 10 o 'clock. We checked out at about 6:30 and left for the airport from the hotel at 6:45. We didn't take a taxi because there were five of us. We took the No. 200 bus (remember it was No. 200, but we took the bus anyway), which cost 1,000 won per person to get to the airport. My South Korean colleague booked a flight back to Seoul last night, so he went first, that is good, he can wait for us at the airport in advance! Getting on the plane, in fact, time is still a little tight, we actually got on the plane at 7:45. The whole flight only took a little more than an hour, and we finally stepped into Gimpo Airport, which gave me the impression that it was much smaller than Incheon International Airport, and when we stepped out of the airport, we officially entered Seoul.


[Three Stars] Stepped out of Gimpo Airport and prepared to go through the parking lot to the subway station next door to take the subway to the wine we had ordered. When we passed the parking lot, we saw a car marked with a special logo, our colleague asked us to guess what kind of car, because in South Korea, we basically saw Kia and Hyundai cars, occasionally saw one or two BMW, Mercedes and so on, the other is basically South Korea's local production of cars, in addition, South Korea is still more resistant to Japanese cars. So it's hard to see Japanese cars. One of our colleagues said the logo looked a bit like a Renault, and our Korean colleague said it was a bit close, but in fact the car was produced by Samsung in partnership with Renault and sold in Korea as a Samsung car. Yes, it's Samsung Motors! To be honest, for me, the Samsung brand is mostly a synonym for cameras and home appliances. But listen to colleagues say, Samsung in South Korea's local cattle force is great, in Seoul University (South Korea's first institution, comparable to Tsinghua and Peking University) graduate students want to go to Samsung, so Samsung's competitiveness is enduring. In addition, Samsung has a wide range of business in South Korea, including real estate, automobiles, infrastructure, shipbuilding, cosmetics, etc., which occupy a large share, while electronic products are mainly exported. Let's just say that it is really awesome, but I still don't buy Samsung, haha, I won't say why.


When I came to Seoul, it gave me a feeling of prosperity, especially when I took the bus and subway, there were a lot of people, which was actually similar to our North, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. But the difference is that the fashion elements here seem to be much more than our metropolis, just like the girls walking in the street, really different, Seoul's street beauty is really good, listen to colleagues say: first, makeup, this can turn the decay into magic; Second, because of the Korean food culture, girls eat little meat, so they have developed a thin and delicate figure since childhood; Third, Seoul as a fashion capital, girls dress up really have a fashion style. Put it all together, 8 out of 10 street girls are beautiful.


For these uncles, the age of playing mobile games has passed, even if you go to play with your children to play, I can't think of this time we still inspired part of the innocence, to play a good time. I will not introduce the location and transportation routes of Lotte World, Lotte duty-free Jamsil has been introduced, now focus on the composition of this park and amusement facilities, so that everyone can have a understanding and choose their favorite items for ticket purchase. The first two columns are the price of the pass (the pass includes the admission fee and three large motor games), the middle three columns are the price of the entrance ticket (excluding the large motor games), and the Gillette is the season ticket. The first line is the adult price, the second line is the teen price, and the third line is the child price. AFTER4 or 7 means the price after 4 or 7 o 'clock. Lotte World is divided into outdoor (Magic Island) and indoor (Adventure world) two parts, the outdoor is basically super large mobile games, and the indoor is built into a large adventure theme park with 4 floors, is the largest indoor theme park in Asia.