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Are you sleeping in the right position? (Correct sleeping position)

2018-03-15 04:48:00

The way you sleep has a lot to do with your health. If the sleeping posture is not reasonable, not only can not improve the quality of sleep, but also may cause some diseases, and develop a good sleeping posture to improve the quality of sleep is very good. The old man often says: sleep like the moon, it means that the body should lie on its side when sleeping, like the moon posture, only in this way the body will be moved and comfortable.


Why sleep like the moon? In fact, the correct sleeping position should be this: lie on the right side, legs naturally bent. In this way, the heart is in the highest position and is not compressed; The liver is in a low position, it will supply blood better, which is conducive to metabolism, and the food in the stomach moves to the duodenum by gravity, which can promote digestion well. At the same time, all relax breathing and heartbeat symmetry, heartbeat, brain, lungs, stomach, muscles, bones will be fully rested.


In fact, it is not appropriate to sleep on the back and the left side, not to lie on the stomach, the muscles are not well relaxed when lying on the back, and may put the hand on the chest, causing breath-holding and nightmares. The left side of the lying will pressure the heart, affect the blood ring, spleen and stomach is not good patients will digest nutritious food. Lying prone causes the chest and abdomen to be compressed, but also affects breathing and health.


In fact, the person's sleeping position can not be a position from sleep to wake up, which is normal, but the basic sleeping position is the best on the right side of the bedroom. END

Matters needing attention

Note: try not to sleep on the stomach, because it will affect breathing, and the head and face need to turn to one side and cause neck torsion, a long time will be hard vertebrae dislocation, which is what we commonly call; A stiff neck.