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2018-03-17 06:24:00

How to quickly find good attractions and places to eat


Bring money and water


You'd better not get too tired walking with too much luggage


1. If you get off at the East Station, first do not go out, find subway line 1 in the station, take the subway to exit c of Longxiang Bridge, there are signs in the subway, go out after you can directly see, it is not the ticket, it is recommended to rent a bike, as if it is ten dollars, you can ride a cycle along the bike, it is best not to go, thinking that walking will be very tired and can not go out. It is best to bring your own water, the water inside is very expensive, ordinary water to 5 yuan a bottle.


2. After visiting, you can do No. 7 bus to the last station Lingyin Temple, you can go in for a visit, there is a north peak around, you can climb up, the scenery is very good, you can take the cable car down.


3. After coming out, you can do the subway and then do two stops to the road, where there is the Southern Song Imperial Street, a lot of characteristic things, and not expensive, there are two snack streets, walk to the end of a museum, you can go in to see, are free, it is worth seeing.

Matters needing attention

Bring money and water