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"Assassinate God: Chronicles of Killing God" Walkthrough: Card introduction

2018-03-18 08:00:17

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer is a fast board game, sword and magic fantasy style. Support 2 ~ 4 people to play, each game time is about 30 minutes. In 2011, the game was officially licensed and released on iOS devices. iOS version is very good in terms of screen and battle system, full screen touch operation is very suitable for this board game, players can easily view the rules of the game, card description, and AI battle, one machine multiplayer battle, online battle (support non-real-time battle mode), which makes it not easy to find friends together to play board games players can also easily try this excellent board game.


Here are the three basic card types:


1. Hero: The hero card is obtained by runes, and can be played in the form of hand cards, which is what we want to draw, even a mob can recruit more advanced heroes and defeat small monsters... However, not all heroes can directly recruit other heroes or kill monsters (with the exception of powerful special ones, see Card introduction) using them usually earns or honors, and they themselves contain honors (which are settled at the end of the game).



2. Artifact: Artifact cards are also obtained in runes, and then played in the form of hand cards to achieve equipment artifact, mainly in each round of the player has some beneficial auxiliary effects (grab cards, reduce costs, etc.). The artifact card itself contains honor (which is settled at the end of the game).



3. Monster: The monster card is defeated by force, the monster card is defeated to get the corresponding reward, you can immediately get glory and other benefits. When the poor monster is defeated, he is immediately banished to the void, with nothing to settle at the end of the game.



After the introduction of the three basic cards, the following explains the division on the card game.



The specific icon of the player control area is as follows: display and operate the player's own hand and related information, basically by clicking, double-clicking, dragging to operate. Hand double click can enlarge, card library, discard library, artifact bar can be expanded by clicking.



Related content learned from experience



Opponent message: many places can also be opened to see, know yourself and know the enemy can not be in danger of battle.



Finally, illustrate the use of cards:



To start the game, the initial configuration is a set of 10 initial cards, consisting of eight apprentices and two militiamen. The apprentice will provide runes that can be used to recruit heroes and search for artifacts. The militia provides another kind of fighting power, used to defeat monsters. Each player's reputation will consume the honor of the global honor pool, after the global honor pool is zero, ensure that everyone has the same number of turns and then count the opponent's cards, and the highest honor will win.


Or continue to build their own card library, or defeat monsters to win honors and other rewards, how to play a lot of freedom, interested friends can slowly explore.


About each card and other Lin Lin total I will not introduce, here recommend an APP "Assassination God assistant", both versions have, is the entity card official application, which has detailed card Chinese information, can be downloaded in the APP business.