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b2b platform promotion skills

2018-02-21 17:36:00

Now more and more merchants, customers use B2B platform to buy and sell goods. What are the skills of B2B platform promotion? How to stand out among the many competitors?


B2B platform


Choose the right B2B platform. Now there are many businesses using B2B platforms, and there are many service providers providing B2B platforms. To get good results, be sure to choose a B2B platform that suits your product.


Do target customer positioning. Different product target customer groups are inconsistent, we must analyze the characteristics of target customers, according to age, position, preference, price and other different needs, positioning.


Write the right promotional content. The title, keywords and details in the promotion content will affect the judgment of customers. Each promotion content should be carefully considered, so that it is true, attractive, and has a selling point, so that customers believe in the promotion content and believe in the product.


Use paid promotional tools appropriately. Many platforms will launch some services that need to pay extra to improve product ranking and promotion effect, and some products can be selected appropriately according to demand to use these paid services. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.


Associate high quality external chains. The Internet is interconnected, as much as possible to use high-weight links to promote their own weight.


Use popular platforms such as,,, and we media to expose B2B shops. The popularity of this type of platform is high, the ranking is high, the value of faster exposure is very large.