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B2B website publishing information skills

2018-02-21 19:12:00

How to quickly and efficiently publish good posts, but quickly included


First, the title is the same as the way many people summarize, the first one, I still list the title, because the title is really important. So how to write a title, is a good title? The following is to introduce the writing method of two kinds of titles: 1, the core keyword combination title. Only a core keyword and 2-3 long tail keyword combination is good, so that you can increase the density of keywords to help ranking, but also let the search users understand at a glance what your information is doing. : "Men's leather shoes | first layer of high-end men's leather shoes | men's leather shoes home supply", the core keyword of the title is "men's leather shoes", and the back two are long tail keywords that are combined with materials, regions, etc., although such a title is blunt, but the victory is clear, so that the people who see it can quickly react, your information is mainly to introduce "men's leather shoes".     2, the use of the function of the product, origin, model, etc., combined into a relatively smooth sentence for the title. It is a bit like a topic in the Chinese language in primary school, which is to give you some words, let you give him order and then form a sentence. This title can also be written in this way, combining various information about the product into a correct sentence, so that users can see and understand the general information of the product. "Samsung s-5360 Android 3.6 inch screen smart", we can understand the general information of the product from the title: Samsung brand, s-5360 model, Android system, 3.6 inch screen and smart. This kind of title is also the official title writing method advocated by many b2b websites, but when writing the title, you need to have enough understanding of the product, and the organization of the language is higher, so it is relatively difficult.


The quality of a piece of information is mainly based on the content of the information, the content is not good, the title is written no matter how good, at most can get the honorary title of "title party". The quality of information is also directly related to the collection of information, the ranking of information, and even the ranking effect of the entire website, a site with a large number of high-quality information, its inclusion ranking will certainly be very beneficial. So, how to grasp the quality of information? 1. The information content is consistent with the information title. What product is the title, and what product is introduced in detail in the information content. 2. What should the information contain? In the B2B information, the content of the information should contain the general introduction of the product, product model, product function and other product details, it is best to attach a number of pictures, illustrated. 3, the information content should be supplemented with relevant after-sales matters, so that users can feel their sincerity, which can increase the success rate for the subsequent inquiry.


Third, reasonable use of the functions provided by the website to share a dry goods here, if not finished reading, may not see this secret. This secret is a non-common trick for the salesman who sends the message. I do not know that when you publish information on B2B websites, have you noticed that there are several keywords to fill in the blanks after filling in the content, well, the highlights are in these keywords. The keywords here, we call Tag words in the industry, Tag tags, in certain cases can be immediately classified into small, so if all your information is filled with the same keyword, then your information will all appear under the Tag word category. What are the benefits of being able to aggregate information into some small category of your own? Smart people should be able to think, yes, this is the case, if this small classification ranking is good, is it not to say, if I multiple information under this small classification, even if my information is not included, but this small classification is included and ranked very well, but open, the information inside is all mine, which is not included directly and what is the difference.