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Baba International station details page video how to batch save

2018-02-21 14:24:00

Baba International Station is Baba's global B2B website, which is currently the world's largest B2B trade market. Some businesses can take goods directly from Baba, a piece of consignment, but when we browse the international station products, we can see the main picture video and description video inserted in the main picture and details of the product, a dynamic introduction to the product, then we want to download this video bulk to the local modification and upload to their own shop how to operate? Video download master, a not only support the mass download of platforms, but also mass collection, Baba and other dozens of platforms of video, we can use this tool to achieve the mass download of video.


Video download master


Baba International railway station


Double-click to open the software, you can see the entire interface of the software, and there are more than 40 supported platforms, as shown in the figure:


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After entering 1688, we start to select products, but we must make sure that the products we select have videos. When entering the products, slide to the details page and put the display play button, that is, the products with description videos, as shown in the figure:


Now go back to the main interface of the software and select the function of "video material download" on the software, and the corresponding dialog box will pop up, as shown in the figure:


In this function, the copied product links will be pasted into the address bar. Babies who want to download multiple products can use the "automatic paste URL" function above to collect product links with one click, as shown in the figure:


After copying all the product links to the "video material download" function, go back to the webpage where we just collected the product, and press F12 to open the "Developer Tools" and pop up the dialog box next to it, as shown in the figure:


Press ctrl+R to display all the data, copy the first linked cooies, as shown below:


After copying, go back to the software interface and paste the cookies into the third menu "Cookie Setting" on the video material download function, as shown in the picture:


Then go back to the "Download video" menu, remember to check "Description video" in the "Options below", then select other Settings and save the path, and click Download now, as shown in the picture:


After the "total progress" and "When" on the left are all finished scrolling, you can click "Open Folder" to browse the downloaded description video, which is the video of the details page we want, as shown in the figure: