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Be aware of the customs when visiting Thailand

2018-04-04 00:00:12

Thailand is a tropical country and it can be said that summer is all year round. The average annual temperature is around 27 degrees. So no months you go to Thailand island, you can swim in the sea. No matter what month you travel to Thailand, there is no need to bring too heavy clothing, simply can not wear.


Thailand's power jacks are two holes, two holes and China's, without a converter, only with the charger commonly used at home can be used, voltage 220V, current 50H. The plug for the three-hole socket is different and requires a converter. There are converters on the streets of Thailand, you can match a three-hole converter at any time, and the price is not expensive.


Bank and currency, the Thai currency unit is "baht", pronounced "ba". One yuan is currently about 4.8 baht. Five denominations of banknotes, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 baht, and 1, 2, 5 and 10 baht coins are currently in circulation. Exchange RMB directly for Thai baht in Thailand.


Unionpay credit cards can be used directly at POS machines of Thai merchants such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Pattaya, and UnionPay cards can be used to withdraw Thai baht at more than 8,000 ATMs such as Kasikorn Bank, TMB Military Bank of Thailand, and SCB Bank of Thailand. Thailand Thai Farmers Bank ATM withdrawals, there is a full Chinese interface, its logo color is green.


As for the payment of tips, you should give at least 20 tips in Thailand, because you can't give coins to tip in Thailand, coins are for beggars, which will cause misunderstanding. So when you go into the wine, be prepared to have 20 or 50 plants in your pocket, otherwise you will be paying 100 or 500 plants at a time.


Always look for a Taxi with a proper sign. Before getting on the bus, confirm the destination and ask the driver to dial the meter, encounter the driver who refuses to dial the meter or has other suspicious circumstances directly change the car, and confirm the driver to press the meter after getting on the bus. Fake black taxis and tuk-tuks sometimes offer you very low prices, and they will drag you to shopping malls or entertainment venues. Withdraw the tip.


Make several copies of all important documents, including passports, visa pages, insurance, etc., and keep them in a separate place from the originals. At the same time, scan all important documents and put them in your mailbox. Even if all the luggage is lost, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can find the documents you need. This is also a must for all foreign travel preparations.


Pay attention to respect local customs, respect Thai royal family members, respect Buddhist etiquette. Every Buddha statue, no matter how big or small, is sacred. Do not climb or step on the Buddha statue. Do not put the Buddha statue in your pants pocket, because the bottom is an unclean place. It is not allowed to put it in the jacket pocket, climb the Buddha statue or climb the Buddhist temple wall to take a view. In particular, in the Buddhist hall of the Jade Buddha Temple, it is absolutely forbidden to take photos. Therefore, take photos to pay attention to the belief of Buddha, enter the Buddhist temple to visit, dress neatly, enter the Buddhist hall, to take off your hat and shoes, to show respect, Thailand is a Buddhist country.


The Thai royal family is especially revered and respected, so please be polite and careful of your words in front of the ubiquitous portraits of the king. Don't touch the Thai's head. Don't step on the monk's shadow. Give way to monks when walking on the road, and women should be careful not to touch monks. A country that believes in Buddhism is like that, there are too many "don't" you must pay attention to.


Buy insurance before you leave. If you are sick or injured overseas, even if it is a minor injury, the medical bills may not be small. And sometimes it's a requirement for a visa. If you have an injury or illness while traveling abroad, the medical bills are prohibitively high.


Learn a few simple words in Thai: Hello! -- Savadhika. How much is this? ---- Aniloole. No ---- fans. Not -- selling vegetables. Can you make it cheaper? ---- dragon belt buried. Words are more precious than anything outside the home. They are the source of communication. It's the kind of effective communication you can't stand.

Matters needing attention

Currency conversion: 1 baht =0.1991 RMB, 1 RMB =5.0231 Baht.