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Being a news portal with an attitude

2018-01-19 00:00:00

Recently, for users, released a news client, as long as the download of different system versions of the user download the client, you can watch the news at any time through the client, like, as long as the client can watch the latest news important things, very convenient, do not need to open the browser, landing website to view the news. But also can share a variety of, comment at any time, to achieve sharing and interaction.


News client, for different users can download different system version users.


By opening the website


Navigation below is the news strongest news app, click to enter


News official client download, news portal with attitude, there are different versions of iphone version, Android general edition and Premium edition, Windows Phone7 version, S60 v5 version, S60 v3 version, and also can view the adaptation model.


After installation, the entire interface is clear and concise, and users choose their own news to watch


And there is a sharing function in the upper right corner, and a comment function in the lower left corner to express their attitudes and opinions

Matters needing attention

Need to choose different system versions, download a client more convenient to understand the news state events.