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Belgium Farmaline Chinese station (Overseas shopping guide)

2018-01-04 12:48:00

With the increasing popularity of China's overseas online shopping market, more and more overseas merchants have opened Chinese language services and China direct mail services, providing Chinese customers with a more convenient and secure way to shop. Farmaline online Pharmacy in Belgium is a large shopping platform in Europe, with a full range of products and convenient shopping. The shopping process of Farmaline China station is simple and straightforward. The following is a brief description of the shopping steps.


1. Directly click "My Account" in the upper right corner of the homepage to enter the registration page; 2. As long as you have your own personal email, you can easily register a new account.


1. Directly search the product brand/name/number in the search bar; 2. You can view the brand list in "All Brands"; 3. You can select products by product category.


1. The price of the item is displayed in Euros; 2. Can see the customer's evaluation of the product; 3. Select the quantity and click "Add to cart"; 4. Move the mouse to the shopping cart sign in the upper right corner to view the list of items in the shopping cart.


1. The shopping cart page will have detailed order information, including product name/quantity/price, unwanted goods can also be deleted; 2. If you have a promotional code, you can enter it on this page; 3. Confirm the address; 4. Enter the payment after confirming the order; 5. Choose a payment channel.


1. The international section of the order of Farmaline China Station is carried by BPOST Belgium, connecting with China /EMS in the mainland. You can enter the number on BPOST official website or China official website for inquiry; 2. You can consult Chinese customer service if you have any questions during this process.

Matters needing attention

If you have any questions about shopping or receiving a package, you can consult the Chinese customer service of its website by email.