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Black Nail Art Tutorial

2018-04-01 22:24:31

Girls love black high heels, today Xiaobian will teach you high imitation red black high heels, let your fingertips also wear beautiful high heels!


Trim your nails to your preferred shape, taking care to smooth them slightly if they are thick. Then apply the base oil. Of course, Xiaobian is here to remind you that the MM painting with long nails is more beautiful!


This page is taken from experience without authorization


With your palms facing up, you are now ready to complete the high imitation "red sole" section. Use just the right amount of red nail polish and apply it evenly on the inside of your nails. Nail polish that sticks to your fingers can be removed later.


Use a moistened cotton swab to gently remove any nail polish from your fingers. If you have any dead skin on your hands, use the other end of the swab to remove it.


Apply the polish to the edges of your nails, which are easily frayed by external forces.