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BMW car purchase tips

2018-03-14 09:36:00

Now the development is faster and faster, many people do not ride a bike, will choose the car as a means of transportation. Among them, BMW is a relatively advanced car, spend so much money to buy we must carefully buy, so as not to have unnecessary trouble in the future. So we need to pay attention to some skills when buying, and the following Xiaobian will tell you.




Ensure good safety When we buy a BMW car, we first need to pay attention to safety. After all, when we drive ourselves, we may encounter dangers at any time, and a safe car can guarantee our life and health. We need to check whether the BMW airbag is complete and reliable, and some cars have incomplete airbags. There is ABS system is not there, the effect. Bumpers and other equipment to ensure the safety of driving we must carefully check to ensure that the integrity of the purchase.


When we buy BMW cars, there is no possibility of automatic transmission, manual transmission, the operation will be different, even if it is an automatic transmission, it will also be in the operating comfort, personal driving habits, height vision and other factors, different cars are suitable for different people to drive, we try to buy good operability, more suitable for their own, so as to better drive, Ensure smooth and safe driving.


Choose the right price When we buy a BMW, we should also consider their own financial resources, do not go too far in pursuit of higher standards. What suits you is the best. BMW in the price is very different, the car is just a tool, there is no need to buy too expensive, so we have how much ability to buy what kind of car. This can not only ensure the needs of life, but also open a comfortable.


Now many cars will be refurbished into the market, some water cars or seriously damaged cars, we can not see after the renovation. Therefore, we must look at the certificates and anti-counterfeiting, correspond to the car one by one, and let the 4S ensure that the car has no problems and is a new car. Otherwise, we will drive on the refurbished car road, it will be very dangerous, and it is generally no problem to buy in a regular place, and do not want to buy an unsafe car cheaply.


Appearance and interior Beautiful, suitable for ourselves We should also look at the appearance and interior of the car, we buy a BMW, choose their own like the appearance and interior of the car. And also need to consider their own use, they can buy a beautiful fashion, if it is to buy a serious formal point, according to the need to choose, so that it is comfortable to open.


We should also look at whether the equipment and functional configuration is high different BMW functional configuration is different, even the same BMW will be different, we should have an overall understanding of the BMW, choose a BMW with its own needs, otherwise it may not be enough for us to use, central control platform, tachogram, audio, we carefully select, Don't make yourself uncomfortable later because of too few functions.


We also need to pay attention to the after-sales service and energy conservation and environmental protection of this car here is mainly to buy a car that can be on the road is environmental protection standards, if not up to standard some places can not be opened, and we usually drive more fuel efficient. In the after-sales this one we need to buy in the appropriate 4S, after the after-sales service maintenance insurance procedures can be handled here, do not scare themselves, save time and effort. In particular, it is relatively convenient for us to maintain it in the future. There are some imported models we should pay attention to, may be more trouble when maintenance, we choose according to their own situation.