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Breeding methods of zebrafish

2018-04-02 16:00:26

Today's experience and you talk about zebrafish breeding methods, I hope to help the need for aquaculture grassroots workers.


It is easier to identify the female fish with blue stripes, while the male fish has yellow blue stripes with lemon stripes between them


Blue and bright, with silver gray stripes, the body is stronger than the male fish, each fin is shorter than the male fish. Breeding is relatively easy, and the breeding water temperature is 249.


The bottom of the breeding tank should be covered with a layer of small pebbles as a shelter for fish eggs. The parent fish are put into the box according to the ratio of two females and one male, and the eggs are laid after chasing for about 1 day. The eggs are non-adhesive sinking eggs, scattered in the gaps of small pebbles.


At the end of spawning, the parent fish should be removed immediately to avoid eating the eggs. Each female fish lays about 300 eggs each time, and the larger ones can sometimes produce thousands of eggs.


The fertilized eggs take about 36 hours to hatch, and the yolk sac of the young fish disappears after 2 days and can swim to feed.


To prevent the eggs from being infected by bacteria when they hatch, add two drops of 5% methylene blue to the tank. The young fish can be identified after about 2 months, can reach sexual maturity in 5 months, and can reproduce 6 to 8 times a year.