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British students returning from overseas are popular

2018-03-19 14:24:08

Students who went to study in the UK, if you come back, it is very easy to find a job, because British returnees are very popular, but it also depends on the situation of the major studied in the UK. The following is an introduction to the situation of British overseas students returning to China to find jobs, to share with you as a reference. British students in the local employment is not easy British students to stay in the UK employment situation is still grim. Although the UK encourages international students to start a business in the UK, the graduate business visa has high requirements for students' academic skills and innovation ability, and has requirements and restrictions on the number of places and funds. In addition, starting a business in the UK must have a thorough understanding of the commercial law system in the UK, so it is relatively difficult for most international students. At the same time, statistics show that students without any work experience before entering the UK account for more than 60% of the total number of international students, which is one of the reasons why international students are not at an advantage in the job competition abroad. "Overseas returnees" still have advantages that graduates do not have. It is recommended that international students should not measure the return on investment of studying abroad by the starting salary at the time of graduation, thus denying the positive impact of studying abroad on their long-term development. In fact, the background of studying and living abroad can promote returnees to achieve faster and further leaps in their career development. Statistics show that 75% of UK graduates can find a satisfactory job within three months of graduation, and 95% of UK graduates can find a satisfactory job within six months of graduation. More interestingly, more than 30 percent of international students said they would prefer to work in the central and western regions of China than in the eastern region. In the 2009 survey, only 5 percent of international students would accept a job in the Midwest. Statistics show that nearly 60 percent of overseas students in the UK have master's degrees, about 30 percent of undergraduates, and the rest are international students with doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. Most of the overseas students choose to return to China after studying abroad, and the reason for returning to China is because of family members, accounting for 40%. Another 20 percent of international students said their local employment situation was poor, and 5 percent said it was because of bottlenecks in their development abroad. More than half of overseas returnees in the UK want to work for foreign-funded enterprises, as their culture and operating model are conducive to leveraging the advantages of overseas students, according to data on multinational recruitment by Chinese enterprises. However, there are now many Chinese enterprises began to pay attention to "going out" to recruit talents, in July this year, 20 Chinese enterprises held a large campus job fair in London, it is recommended that international students in school can pay more attention to these recruitment information. The situation of British students returning to find a job is introduced here, and everyone can understand it after reading it. According to their own situation, choose the right major to study in the UK, so as to make the UK study more smoothly.