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Bund tourism detailed guide

2018-03-29 09:36:50

What is the detailed strategy of the Bund tourism, I believe that many friends are very interested in this problem, the following to introduce to you, hope to help you.


Take Metro Line 2, Metro Line 10 East Road stop, get off and walk along East Road towards the Bund.


It is recommended to walk in the direction of the Waibadu Bridge first, from which it takes about five minutes to walk to the Monument of the People's Heroes.


The monument can be seen on the Waibadu Bridge, the main view is to see the opposite side of Lujiazui, behind the monument to the People's Heroes is the best Angle, you can go around the monument to the people's heroes to see there.


At the same time, the other half of there is also a good Angle to see the Waibadu Bridge, where you can take photos as a souvenir, and then walk along the Bund, you can see Chen Yi Square, you can also look at the century-old buildings.


Then walked to the sixteen shops wharf, the main landscape area of the Bund is in the end, the Bund play is still more intuitive, so it is not very complicated.