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Buy a fund novice must see knowledge teach you how to buy a fund

2018-06-11 08:00:00

The fund is one of the most commonly used tools for investment and financial management, which has been accepted by the majority of friends, beginners should understand some basic knowledge of the fund before buying the fund, so that they can make their investment more rational and more effective.


Internet computer




Purchase fund


Choose the fund can not be cheap when choosing the fund, can not only look at the price is cheap, for example, the purchase of No. 1 fund's net worth is 1.5 yuan, a year ago is also about 1 yuan, which shows that the fund is not high, a year later can not improve much.


The new fund is not necessarily a good fund. The price of the new fund that has just been listed is relatively low, and the mistake is that the investment is small and the loss is not much. In case of good performance, you can make a big profit. In fact, nothing is certain about the new fund, which is the biggest risk.


Fund strength, long operating time to buy the fund first to check the strength, see how long the operating time, just like looking for a husband, to find a good family background.


Look at the professional level of the fund manager In the purchase of funds must first check the operational level of the fund manager, the level of the fund manager determines the performance of the fund in the future.


Look at the historical performance of the fund In the purchase of funds must first understand the fund's previous (at least half a year) performance over a period of time before deciding whether to buy.


Buy suitable for their own funds in the purchase of funds according to their own situation, and then choose to buy open, closed, high risk, low risk, combined, and so on


How to buy low-cost funds Choose channels with promotions or discounts to buy funds to reduce costs and expenses; Holding funds for the long term is also a way to reduce purchase costs.


How to buy funds 1, you can go to the bank financial counter to buy funds; 2, you can go to securities to buy funds; 3, you can go to the fund to buy funds (direct sales); 4, you can buy funds from the Internet: Every day fund network account registration can be purchased.

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