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Buy auto insurance choose the 5 reference steps of insurance

2018-03-16 06:24:54

At present, there are more insurance in the motor vehicle insurance business, and the average owner only pays more attention to the premium price when buying vehicle insurance, but often ignores other aspects, resulting in saving money in the early insurance period and time-consuming and costly claims in the later period. At present, in order to ensure their market share in the auto insurance market and obtain a certain cash flow, many insurance companies adopt the dumping strategy of discount and low price, and often ignore the later claims service of the owner, resulting in very many and very large claims disputes between the owner and the insurance. The actual situation of comprehensive insurance, as well as the actual needs of the owner, to buy auto insurance, the choice of insurance can refer to the following five steps: whether the network in the place where the vehicle is often used is sufficient. When the vehicle has an insurance accident, it should be ensured that there is a corresponding network of insurance agencies in the local area, and provide timely and effective survey and rescue services, otherwise the call should not be made every day, and the call is not working. Whether the market share is higher in the locations where the vehicle is frequently used. The top market share indicates that the attention of the insurance in the auto insurance is still high, and the investment in excess auto insurance business is still large, which can effectively protect the needs of customers. The insurance claims procedure is completed by which level of organization. Now insurance is divided into four levels, general, provincial, municipal, district (county) level branch (sub-), so if the claims procedure is completed by the lower level of the institution, the higher the efficiency is relatively high, the easier the claims procedure is to complete. The specified or the agreement of the repair, 4S meet their requirements, which will be very critical for the future accident, repair vehicles in different places, the price is different, the same quality is also different, which is the owner should be the primary concern. Many insurance, limited by their own network development, lack of economic strength, claims authority restrictions and other reasons, resulting in later insurance claims, easy to cause claims for a longer time, the rejection of claims is more common, so before insurance detailed understanding of the insurance reputation, is very necessary.