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CAD drawing training, beginners learn AutoCad experience summary

2018-04-03 06:24:42

A large number of people mistakenly think that there is no difference between AutoCad and CAD, that they themselves refer to a commonly used drafting software, and even some people joke that adding a few letters in front of it is nothing more than to show it is more foreign (haha...) but really like most people think so! Of course there is, otherwise directly say CAD, still so wordy why! (Also want to ridicule the person to make a face, haha...) In fact, CAD full name computer aided design, refers to a class of software related to drawing. It goes without saying that AutoCad refers to only one of them, they are not consistent, but the relationship between inclusion and inclusion! And for beginners who want to learn to draw, they will first involve AutoCAD!


CAD related software

How can beginners learn quickly

It is very important to lay a good foundation if you have a certain knowledge and ability of geometric drawing, as well as a certain ability to read pictures, then it may be easier to learn, and it will be of great benefit to you in geometric drawing!


Step by step learning any knowledge has a process, it is impossible to eat a big fat, step by step, from shallow to deep, from simple to complex will let you more firmly grasp the operation skills.


The study of any software can not be separated from the combination of practical application, especially for drawing, do not spend the main energy on the isolation of each command to learn, to learn to use, develop the ability to draw alone.


Although the basic operation has been mastered, it is still necessary to practice through a few comprehensive examples, through detailed graphic drawing, so that they can master the entire drawing process from a global perspective.

Understand common problems

Drawing the same picture, why is it that some are the right size, while others are so small that they can't even be seen? This is because the setting of the LIMITS of the plot area was not done, perhaps with the limits command, but forgot to use the ALL option in the ZOOM command to re-organize the plot area. The setting of the drawing area is carried out according to the actual drawing needs.


Why do I draw a line with "HIDDEN" but the line looks like a solid line? This is caused by the inappropriate "linear proportion", that is, the "linear proportion" is too large, or it may be too small. You can open the Line organizer dialog box and modify its Global scale Factor to the appropriate value.


Clearly marked the size, but find that sometimes can not see the size text? This is because the overall scale factor of the dimensioning is set too small. Open the dimensioning mode dialog box and modify its value.

Closing remarks

If it is said that common problems may write thousands of words are no problem, but the above are the three most popular feedback from students. The problems encountered in the actual operation are numerous. Beginners can practice more + more operation, personally think to improve the quality and efficiency of the drawing is very helpful.