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CAD how to get started quickly, novice must know

2018-04-03 08:00:43

For a small white who just started to engage in graphic design, the first software to contact and learn is CAD. Although CAD has gone through different versions, the basic functions and shortcuts used in each version are basically the same. Only in the original version of the deep optimization, the strengthening of the function, does not affect the beginner learning CAD. In fact, CAD is difficult to say, easy to say is not easy. As long as everyone is good at summarizing and finding, more diligent and more research, you will soon be able to become a CAD master.




CAD software


First, download a CAD. For xp, you can download the 2007 version. Windows 7/8/10 can download all versions of 2010 and above. The higher the CAD version, the more powerful, the more complete the performance, and the higher the requirements for computer hardware and systems. Beginners can download CAD according to their own computer.


Search online or go to specialized websites to find CAD learning videos for beginners. Watch and practice carefully.


Memorize common shortcuts. Save the shortcut keys so you can always look them up if you forget them while drawing. As follows: A arc; B Create block C Circle D Label Style Trimmer E Delete F Fillet G Group H Pattern Fill I Insert block L Straight line M Move O Offset P Translate S Stretch W External Block V View dialog Box X decomposition Z Display scaling T multi-line text co Copy MI Mirror AR array RO Rotate SC scale LE Lead organizer EX Extend TR Trim ST Text Style Organizer DT Single line text PO Single point XL reference line ML Multi-line PL Multi-segment line. F3: control whether the object is automatically captured, F8: orthogonal mode control, F10: polar axis mode control, F11: object tracking control, Ctrl+X: cut the selected content, Ctrl+Y: redo, Ctrl+Z: cancel the previous step, Ctrl+O: Open the image file, Ctrl+P: open the print dialog box, Ctrl+S: save the file, Ctrl+Tab: switch drawings


Join CAD learning forums or communication groups to increase the learning of using skills. You can also see the experience skills shared by great friends, as well as complex but beautiful CAD drawings.


CAD software is an abstract graphic drawing and design software, whether the beginner is forced by work or interest, must find their own learning interests, can not give up halfway. Learning depends on persistence and diligence.

Matters needing attention

Different versions look for different versions of the learning video, otherwise it will affect the learning of beginners.


Learning depends on persistence and diligence.