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Can eating diet pills affect fertility

2018-04-23 09:36:56

Eating diet drugs will seriously disturb the endocrine balance of women, inhibit the formation of estrogen and progesterone in the pituitary gland and ovary, and eventually cause abnormal ovulation, which will lead to premature ovarian failure in the long run


Once premature ovarian failure develops to the stage of amenorrhea, it will not only cause infertility, but also cause symptoms such as bone thinning and lipid metabolism disorders


Therefore, if women eat diet drugs for a long time to lose weight, it will inevitably affect fertility


Eating diet drugs for a long time disrupts the balance of hormones in the body, and some people may have irregular menstruation or malnutrition


The body needs a period of recuperation. And the ingredients left in the body can increase the probability of fetal malformation


Diet drugs have an appetite suppressant component, which acts on the central nervous system for a long time and may lead to anorexia


Taking diet drugs, easy to make people burn a lot of fat, sweating, dry mouth and other symptoms


Some weight loss drugs belong to central stimulants, after eating will appear hyperactivity, insomnia symptoms


Long-term or excessive use of weight loss drugs, not only has an impact on the nervous center, but also can lead to endocrine disorders, and even infertility