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Can I buy the funds in it? Is it risky?

2018-03-07 14:24:00

As the largest fund marketing platform, the fund products sold on it are very rich, including fixed income funds and floating income funds. Basically, the funds needed by ordinary users can be found on the platform, and they can be purchased according to the actual needs of individuals.


The risk of the fund is reflected in two aspects: one is the risk of the commission platform itself, and the other is the risk of the fund products it sells.


As a marketing channel, its own risk is extremely low. China has strict requirements on the fund marketing platform, and it is necessary to have a third-party fund marketing license to be able to sell various funds on the market. It is illegal to sell funds without a licence.


It belongs to the platform of Ant Financial, which has a legal third-party fund sales license, and can sell various types of funds on the market, such as funds, mixed funds, etc., which can be purchased through -> Wealth, which is very convenient.


Under the platform, its own risk can be ignored, through the purchase of funds, the risk of its platform itself can not be considered and worried.


However, other third-party fund sales platforms need to be carefully evaluated, and not every third-party fund sales platform is strong. If the platform risks, it may affect the principal and return of investors in the platform, but such risks are relatively small.


In the fund purchase, the risk mainly comes from the fund product itself. For primary financial users, it is recommended to participate in the purchase of low-risk products. For medium and advanced users with certain investment experience, they can choose medium and high risk products to purchase.